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Paperless Learning – Master English Quickly


How to learn English efficiently? For students who learn English or other languages, in addition to hard work, the way of learning is very important. This article will bring you an efficient way to learn English, and you will feel that learning English has never been easier.


In terms of hardware, it can be an ipad or a laptop, and a laptop is recommended here. Software preparation is very simple, we just need to visit, and then bookmark it in the browser. In fact, we usually only use the edit pdf online tool when reading and processing e-book documents. In addition, this online platform is safe and free, in order to clarify the suspicion of advertising, you can try it online now.

How to use edit pdf online to learn English?

Learning English is a process of familiarizing with courseware and continuous practice. We first put the electronic documents that need to be recited and read aloud into the iPAD, and import the electronic documents online through edit pdf online on the platform. At this time, we can freely read or Read the article.

In the process of learning, we cannot forget our purpose. For unfamiliar words and knowledge points, we must be able to summarize them into documents at any time.

 Highlight unrecognized words

When browsing English courseware, if you need to mark unfamiliar words, we can click the Highlight Text or Highlight Area tool to highlight the courseware.

The toolbar plugin provides different annotation methods, which we can use to mark words and key parts respectively. It is very important to build your own vocabulary in daily reading and problem solving.