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How To Unlock Taming Skill And Tame The Animals In Atlas


As you explore some new lands in Atlas, along with your journey in the open sea world, you will find many wild animals out there. These animals aren’t just useful to refill your hunger and maintain your vitamins, but some of them would be useful to support your journey and will also increase your level in the game if you would able to tame and control them.

Now, in this article, I will guide you on how to unlock the taming and tame the animals to control them in Atlas.

How To Unlock Taming Skill in Atlas?

Taming in Atlas isn’t available by default from the beginning, instead, you will have to learn some methods to get this important skill, but don’t worry, the process isn’t too much complicated though. You just need to follow the steps below:

  • Reach Level 2 and go to the Skill Tree, choose the section ‘Survivalism’

The Skill tree is pretty big and many are interlinked to it, so make sure you follow the line to unlock Taming.

  • From there, you need to buy three skills listed below:

  1. Tools of the Trade
  2. Hand-to-Hand Combat
  3. Beast Mastery
  • Next, follow the Beast Mastery line

This section will unlock the Tame Creatures, which is the command used for controlling tamed creatures or Taming a fresh one.

How To Tame The Animals In Atlas?

Once you had unlocked the Tame command, you can now control the animals in Atlas. There are two ways to do this, and they are:

1. You can go outside in wild and tame any animal, but this would be quite risky.

The fact that there will be plenty of wild animals out there, then the chance is whether you can tame them or instead, you might be killed by them, as you might be alone and separate from your sloop and crew.

2. You can build a Taming Pen

This is more like a Trap to attract and catch animals, with this, you can easily wait for animals to enter and then safely control them. In Taming Pen, once the animal walks inside, straight away close the gate to trap them, then exit from a back door and hit the animal to lower its HP to 20%.

Once the animal has knocked down, and it will not able to attack you now, you can get near it and find out which food that the animal requires. Place the food in the last slot of Hotbar and press E to feed the animal.

Now that you have learned how to unlock the Taming skill, are you ready to experience on taming the animals? In case if you want to experience another skill, you can also try to fish for a more relaxing adventure.

Good luck!

Atlas is currently available exclusively on PC.

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