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Pawnix Reviews – Noise Cancelling Headphone For Dogs Should You Buy Them?


Dogs have many sort of noise phobia and to help your dog save from this phobia you should get pawnix as it will help you to keep your dog safe from any kind of anxiety and phobia.

Active Noise Cancelling technology is employed by PAWNIX, a headset that is designed to eliminate the noises that bother your dog the most.

What is Noise Phobia in Dogs and how to Avoid it?

Noise phobia is an extreme fear of a sound that causes the dog to try to avoid or flee the sound. An irrational fear response that can develop at any age and in any dog breed can be characterised by an intense and persistent fear response.

A dog’s natural instinctive behaviour is to seek refuge from danger in order to escape the noise. However, things can go awry if dogs become overly reactive to noises that pose no threat.

Some examples of typical behaviour include but are not limited to hiding, urinating, defecating, chewing, drooling, pacing, shaking, and barking. Dogs who are afraid of loud noises may seek out their owners and try to flee through windows or chew holes in walls.

In terms of the number of dogs who suffer from noise phobia, there is no hard and fast rule of thumb. 40 percent of dogs with noise phobias also suffer from separation anxiety, according to the American Animal Hospital Association and their national web conference on coping with this problem.

Even the tiniest noise can cause a dog to become terrified. The most common causes are fireworks and thunderstorms. A dog who is afraid of loud noises may react negatively to even the most innocuous of sounds, such as the opening of a squeaky door or the use of a fly swatter. When a dog hears a frightening noise for a long period of time, his phobic response is likely to become more pronounced.

Some dogs are able to sleep through loud noises, while others become frightened. This is a behaviour that is partly inherited and partly learned.

When a dog’s behaviour appears to be shifting, a visit to the vet is recommended. A dog’s anxiety and panic may be exacerbated by a number of medical conditions that must be ruled out first. Ask your veterinarian if he/she has a PhD in animal behaviour if your dog has a behavioural issue. If this is the case, speak with a local, board-certified veterinary behaviourist (see resources for finding a veterinary specialist).

In the case of moderate to severe noise phobia, treatment options include behavioural modification, environmental controls (such as earplugs), and drug therapy. Anti-anxiety, antidepressants, and tranquillizers can all be used to treat a dog’s fear response through medication.

Use Noise-Cancelling Headset by Pawnix or Buy it From Amazon

Pawnix Noise Cancelling Headphones help dogs sleep through loud noises like fireworks and thunderstorms.

By activating comforting spots on your baby’s head, our design swaddles his or her head. In regards to this particular item one of the industry’s best noise-canceling technologies that doesn’t require a pairing device to function +/-30DBLS Cancelled.

  • Compression design for dogs to relieve stress on pressure points in the skull.
  • Passive noise reduction with a layer of soft foam around the head for added comfort.
  • We recommend pairing a tablet or smart home device with a Bluetooth 5.0 headset.
  • Limiting the amount of sound that can be played. To protect dogs’ hearing, the unit is capped at 50 decibels.
  • A paired device can control the volume.
  • Battery life of 30 hours or more.
  • A neck-tie Velcro loop keeps the collar in place.
  • There are four sizes and four colours to choose from.

So we recommend you to buy pawnix from their official website or you can buy any other noise cancelling ear muffs or headphones from Amazon. As it is really important to have your dog with you before it is lost.