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Seven Hobbies to Enjoy During Your Retirement


One of the best things about retiring is that you’ll have much more time on your hands. One of the benefits of this is that you can suddenly enjoy the hobbies that you didn’t have enough time to enjoy during your career. Below, we explore seven hobbies to enjoy during retirement.


For many, writing is an unfulfilled dream. To write a novel or poetry, it takes time to tease out your creativity. But with the opportunities of retirement, you might now have time to give it a go. Just set up a consistent writing routine and see if you can come up with anything you’re proud of.


Retirement can also give you the time and disposable income to finally travel. You can head off for the trip of a lifetime for as long as your money lets you. You can visit the pyramids on a tour of Egypt, or go sailing around blissful Caribbean islands. Ultimately, once you hit retirement, you have the freedom to travel wherever for as long as you want.


Once you’ve retired, you’ll also have time to give back to the community. One common way to do this is by volunteering for a charity. This could take the form of volunteering to help out at a homeless centre to aid those less fortunate than yourself. Alternatively, you could also help at an animal rescue centre if you’re a pet lover.

Book club

If you want to find the motivation to read more, then it could be worth joining a book club. This is where you and a group of friends – or even strangers – pick a book each month and read it, before coming together to discuss it. It can help you enjoy the benefits that come with reading, while also helping you make new friends.

Walking and hiking

During retirement, you might find that you enjoy a burst of energy. It’s a lot easier to stay active when you have more time. To achieve this you can join a retired runners club, or regularly hike and walk around the scenic countryside.


Becoming a better cook can help you in different ways: you’ll be able to cook healthier, tastier meals. Just find a local cooking class or follow an online course!

Join a club or association

Joining a club can be an excellent way to make new friends while enjoying a hobby. This could be your local tennis or cricket club, or it could be an art club depending on what you enjoy.

Retirement offers all sorts of possibilities. Just pick any of the hobbies above and you’ll be set to make the most of your retirement.