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Persona 3 Reload – How to Fuse Messiah


In Persona 3 Reload, Messiah is the strongest and highest-ranking Persona that players may obtain. The companions you forge through fusion in Persona 3 Reload are incredibly strong, which enables you to survive the most difficult encounters in the endgame. You may learn how to fuse Messiah in Persona 3 Reload by reading this article:

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Who is Messiah?

In Persona 3 Reload, Messiah is the ultimate Persona that you can acquire. According to canon, he is the one who supports Makoto Yuki, the game’s protagonist, in the last battle. Messiah possesses strong skills like Agidyne, a single-target fire spell with intense damage, and Megidolaon, an Almighty strike. In addition, he deflects both Light and Dark spells and blocks physical damage.

How to Fuse Messiah

There is always one obvious weakness with a persona. With Messiah, I see no downsides. The one I fused can repel physical attacks, repel attacks from the Dark and Light tendencies, and is resistant to the other four elements. Messiah can only be fused by combining Orpheus and Thanatos while meeting level criteria.

Persona 3 Reload - How to Fuse Messiah

When the game is almost done and things are the darkest, you are alerted that you have the opportunity to fuse the identity of the Messiah. However, there’s no recipe provided, so estimating can be difficult. You won’t be able to build Thanatos until almost the very end of the game, but he’s a really strong character even without assistance. In contrast, Orpheus is by your side from the beginning of the battle.

Like me, you probably don’t think to maintain him in your rotation. Your character needs to be at least level 91 (theoretically) to fuse Messiah. It’s unlikely that this degree of power will be required before the credits start to roll. On the other hand, if you draw a certain Major Arcana card during your Tartarus run, you can cheat. During your current run, you can fuse personas five levels above your current level with the Sun card.

Put differently, your player just needs to reach level 86 at the very least. That means far less grating. I discovered that it still required a lot of grinding on the upper floors, even with an accessory installed and many Shuffle Time visits. When you fuse Messiah, the Judgement Social Link adds levels on top of the base. This allows him to enhance the skills and attributes you have from Thanatos in addition to adding new ones.

Persona 3 Reload - How to Fuse Messiah

For me, it added Regenerate 3 and Invigorate 3. They significantly restock SP and HP each round, respectively. Null Phys was also implemented to counter physical attacks. The Magic Ability augmentation seems to stop working around level 97 and up. After that, non-almighty talents gain a 25% boost in power. I have not yet switched it on. Still, I keep Messiah in my active stable and suggest you do the same.

Using Skill Cards and Fusion Calculations

Skill Cards can be used to impart specific skills to Messiah, enhancing its abilities in battle. Additionally, using fusion calculators or guides can help you determine the best fusion combinations to use in order to maximize Messiah’s stats and abilities. Experiment with different fusion combinations and use skill cards wisely to create the ultimate Messiah Persona.

Exploiting Fusion Boosts

In Persona 3 Reloaded, certain fusion boosts may be available that can enhance your chances of successfully fusing Messiah. These boosts may increase the likelihood of inheriting specific skills or improve the overall stats of Messiah. Keep an eye out for fusion boosts and use them to your advantage when fusing Messiah.


What level do I need to be to fuse Messiah in Persona 3 Reloaded?

Fusing Messiah requires a high level, typically around level 90 or higher. Make sure to level up your character and the necessary Personas before attempting to fuse Messiah.

Can I fuse Messiah multiple times to get different skills?

Yes, you can fuse Messiah multiple times to get different skill sets. Experiment with different fusion recipes and combinations to create a Messiah with skills that suit your playstyle.

Are there any specific Personas that I need to fuse Messiah in Persona 3 Reloaded?

Yes, there are specific Personas that are commonly used in fusing Messiah, including Orpheus, Thanatos, and Helel. Make sure to have these Personas in your inventory before attempting to fuse Messiah.

Can I use Messiah in battle immediately after fusing it?

Yes, you can use Messiah in battle immediately after fusing it. However, you may need to level up Messiah to unlock its full potential and access its complete skill set.

Does fusing Messiah have any special requirements or conditions?

Fusing Messiah requires specific Personas and fusion recipes, as well as unlocking the Judgement Arcana. Make sure to fulfill these requirements before attempting to fuse Messiah.


Fusing Messiah in Persona 3 Reloaded is a challenging but rewarding endeavor that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience. By following the strategies outlined in this guide and carefully planning your fusion process, you can unlock the ultimate power of Messiah and wield its incredible abilities in battle. Embark on this quest with determination and skill, and Messiah will surely become a valuable ally in your journey through Persona 3 Reloaded.