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Planning An Outdoor Christmas Decoration? Check Out These Amazing String Lights


Decorating a house with some stunning string lights is the best one could do to enhance the overall appeal of their house. Imagine sitting on your porch on a starry night and string lights over your head that resembles the twinkling of the stars. 

Sounds amazing. Right? But this raises the question of what type of string lights outdoor should you use? Don’t worry this post will answer your question. Therefore, continue reading as we explore the different types of string lights that you could use to decorate your house. 

Different Types of Outdoor String Lights

  1. Solar LED Lantern String Lights: Looking for a way to create a surreal lighting ambiance with string lights? Solar LED lantern string lights are what you need to turn to transform that idea into a reality. These types of string lights generally resemble the conventional paper string lights, but the difference is that they are made of tarpaulin. 

These tarpaulins are a cloth-like material that is very durable in nature, making it ideal for hanging them outdoors in any season. The most notable aspect of these lights is that they are powered by solar energy, so you no longer need to worry about rising electricity bills.

  1. Vintage String Lights: These are the types of string lights outdoor that you should use for bringing a timeless look with a pinch of retro styling. Vintage string lights are one of those few lights whose charm remains undeterred even after centuries. 

These lights are ideal for producing a unique warm glow that is very difficult to achieve with any other type of string light. However, these lights are certainly not as bright as modern ones, but they still create a great romantic ambiance. So if you have a date coming up, you know what to use for decoration. 

  1. Twinkle Star LED String Lights: Whoever is looking for something unconventional and above-average must opt for these twinkle star LED string lights. While most people in the neighborhood will be using the same old bulb-shaped string lights for decoration use, you can make sure that you stand out with these amazing starry lights. 

These lights are very bright and fancy so never make the mistake of them on usual days but save them for special occasions such as an outdoor dinner or of course Christmas. 

  1. Colorful String Lights: Be it Easter or Christmas, colorful string lights are the rockstar of such festive seasons. With these lights, you have the liberty to mix and match different colors to get a unique combination and suit the occasion. 

For instance, in Easter, you can use a combination of colors such as green, red, purple, and blue. Whereas for Christmas, you can always opt for blue, red, and green lights. However, when it comes to these colorful string lights outdoor, feel free to use them anytime you want because they are ideal for uplifting your mood.

To Sum Up

No festival or special occasion is fun without some wonderful lighting around us. String lights are available in so many variants that there is always one well-suited for the occasion. 

Therefore, from now on, use these amazing string lights from to enhance your decor and make your house the finest looking.