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Redfall – How to Customize Weapons


In the newest action-packed role-playing game, Redfall, you battle and defeat evil vampires. You’ll have to battle human adversaries as well. To survive, players must scavenge the expansive Redfall world, gather valuables and resources. Gamers can play as a team or alone and role-play as their favorite character. Additionally, you will have various weapon options to select from, and you will occasionally be able to enhance your weaponry. You can learn how to customize weapons in Redfall by reading this article:

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How to Customize Weapons

Stakes and skins are the two ways to personalize your weapon in Redfall. You can use stakes, which are blades attached to weapons, to slay vampires. Stake weapons are essential in your arsenal because you need them to kill vampires. The finisher’s animation and the weapon’s appearance will change depending on the stake you select. Altering the weapon’s color and paint job is the alternative customization method. In Redfall, customizing a weapon is quite simple. All you need to do is as follows:

  • Launch the menu for loading weapons.
  • Choose the weapon that you wish to modify.
  • On a PC or Xbox, press R or X.
  • Select a skin or stake for your weapon.

Redfall - How to Customize Weapons

Not every weapon has the ability to be fitted with stakes. Pistols are one example because of their compact design. A red lock will appear over the stake column of weapons where adding stakes is not an option.

How to Unlock New Skins and Stakes

Redfall - How to Customize Weapons

Once you finish the game’s main plot and side missions, you can customize a lot. You can kill vampires in Redfall in any way you choose, with skins ranging from ones that will make you feel like a badass to ones that are a little too silly.


What is the best gun in Redfall?

One of the strongest weapons in the game is without a doubt the Stake Launcher. It does, however, have a few significant disadvantages despite its powerful capabilities. First of all, since it’s a single-shot weapon, you need to be sure you’ll hit your target before firing a stake.

What do you do with old weapons in Redfall?

Holding the LT button on a controller or the G button on a PC while a weapon is hovering over in the Loadout menu allows players to salvage it. No matter what kind of weaponry is salvaged, all broken weapons yield the same amount of money.

How do you get a UV weapon in Redfall?

Restocking the Armory, housed in the Fire Station, is the best way to obtain a UV Beam gun in Redfall. We advise delaying this until after finishing the early “Two Birds One Stone” main mission to ensure that there are more weapon slots to refresh each cycle. The armory is in the room with Anna and Joe.

What do flare guns do in Redfall?

The flare gun fires an incendiary projectile that ignites enemies and hazards upon impact as it bounces off the terrain. Fire kills vampires that are susceptible to its damage over time. A flare that is on fire attracts enemies, which makes it a potentially useful distraction tool.

What is the highest level in Redfall?

Redfall’s maximum level is 40, so if you continue to play after that, you won’t gain any more levels or skill points. In the future, updates or new DLCs could increase this figure.

Can you be a vampire in Redfall?

Although there isn’t a versus mode in Redfall where you can play as the vampires or their minions, you can still play as the vampire hunters. There are only two options: solo or cooperative (which supports up to four players).