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Payday 3 – How to Fix Matchmaking Error


The newest game in the Payday series, Payday 3, invites players to experience the thrill of heists in a variety of settings, each with its own set of difficulties. It’s time to play Payday 3 after a long day of being decent to yourself and not stealing anything. However, a matchmaking error has arisen that keeps you from being able to play at all. You can learn how to resolve the matchmaking error in Payday 3 by reading this article:

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Update the Game

Players should make sure the game is up to date before attempting to address matchmaking error. Players should update the game right away if a new version is available before attempting to join the matchmaking feature.

Check Starbreeze Socials

Payday 3’s matchmaking problems might not be on your end of the connection. The best course of action if you’re having trouble finding a match in Payday 3 is to look for official developer communications on its official website or on its official social media accounts. Payday Support also shows alerts for server problems; regarding the launch problems, a disclaimer stated that the developers were looking into the reason for the sluggish matchmaking.

Restart The Game

The tried-and-true method for resolving these problems is to restart the game. Although this approach might not seem very trustworthy, it might work in some circumstances and resolve the issue.

Payday 3 - How to Fix Matchmaking Error

Disabling Crossplay

There have been rumors about Payday 3’s crossplay and how it may affect your matchmaking. If that doesn’t work, we can rule out one solution by turning off crossplay in Payday 3.

To stop crossplay in Payday 3:

  • Launch Payday 3 now.
  • Access the settings.
  • Navigate to the “Gameplay” settings.
  • To find Online, then scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • Turn off cross-play.

Payday 3 - How to Fix Matchmaking Error

Check the Payday Servers

Players who have attempted the two previously mentioned methods but are still having trouble may have a downed Payday server. Even though it’s not frequently happening, there’s a small chance that it will.

Contact Support

Payday 3 - How to Fix Matchmaking Error

Even in cases where there are no issues with the servers or internet connection, Payday 3’s matchmaking may occasionally take a long time to load. The final resort in this case would be to get in touch with Nebula support so they could help with the problem.


Has Payday 3 fixed matchmaking?

According to developer Starbreeze, the matchmaking problems in PayDay 3 have been resolved. The developer announced in a new update that planned maintenance had successfully resolved the server problems that hampered Payday 3’s launch and kept users from being able to access the game.

Why is Payday 3 having matchmaking issues?

The matchmaking servers were a complete mess in the first week of Payday 3. What went incorrectly? The game’s developer, Starbreeze Studios, attributes the problems to a “unforeseen error” and states that it is investigating methods to make the multiplayer shooter that is “always online” “less dependent on online services.”

Can you solo play Payday 3?

You must open an Invite Only lobby in order to play Payday 3 alone. To play with the bot teammates, you have to create a lobby where other players cannot join, as the game does not allow you to play in an offline or single-player lobby.

Do you need 4 people for Payday 3?

The goal of Payday 3 is to be a cooperative game for up to four players at once. But, you can make a lobby exclusively for yourself if you’d rather practice heisting alone or don’t feel like organizing a group.

Will Payday 3 have DLC?

The Year Of The Bad in Payday 3 Apple Offers Four Significant DLCs. Payday 3’s Year One roadmap is titled “The Bad Apple” and includes all four DLC packs, starting with Syntax Error.