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Remnant 2: All Difficulty Rewards


Remnant 2 is a unique entry in the Soulslike genre for two reasons: not only does it emphasis more on shooting compared to other titles, but it’s also a lot more forgiving when it comes to overall difficulty. But playing on harder settings is the only way to earn unique weaponry and other incentives.

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All Difficulty Rewards

Ranged and melee weapons are the main loot in each difficulty level. If you remove your character, these weapons will still be available for purchase. Once the campaign has been completed, regardless of difficulty, all weapons will become available for use. You don’t need to play Hardcore mode to earn these weapons.


Starkiller is obtainable from Brabus’ Shop once Apocalypse is defeated. A weapon known as Particle Accelerator in the first game.

Remnant 2: All Difficulty Rewards

World’s Edge

After the Apocalypse is over, your second purchase from Brabus’ Shop will be a melee weapon, the sword World’s Edge.

Remnant 2: All Difficulty Rewards


This formidable Long Gun is available for purchase at Brabus Shop after completing the campaign on Nightmare difficulty.

Remnant 2: All Difficulty Rewards

Hero’s Sword

When you complete the campaign on the Nightmare difficulty, you will receive the Hero’s Sword as a melee weapon. But if you play as an Explorer, you acquire this sword right off the bat.

Remnant 2: All Difficulty Rewards


After completing the game on Veteran difficulties, you can purchase this long rifle from Brabus’ Shop.

Remnant 2: All Difficulty Rewards


After beating the game on Veteran difficulty, you can claim the final reward, a sword named Smolder, from Brabus’ Shop.

Remnant 2: All Difficulty Rewards

Keep in mind that completing the game on harder settings earns you more than just these weapons.


Do you get better rewards for higher difficulty Remnant 2?

Maximum challenge yields maximum benefit. It’s in the nature of games like Remnant 2 to be difficult, even on the easiest level.

Does Remnant 2 difficulty matter?

Remnant 2 offers players a variety of challenge levels, including Survivor, Veteran, Nightmare, and Apocalypse. Naturally, the level of difficulty you choose has a significant impact on many factors, including the strength of your adversaries, the durability of your bosses, and the amount of experience you gain.

Do you get anything for beating Remnant 2 on apocalypse?

After finishing the campaign on Apocalypse difficulty, players will be able to acquire two iconic weapons from Remnant: From the Ashes from Brabus’ shop in Ward 13. You can get all of the secret weapons by beating the game again on Veteran or Nightmare difficulty.

What is the best solo class in Remnant 2?

If you’re playing by yourself, we recommend the Handler. The Handler can make use of pretty much any secondary archetype, however the Medic and the Summoner are two good examples. The former lets you keep yourself healed and buffed even more so that you have a better chance of survival when playing alone.

Can you solo Remnant 2?

Remnant II was created with the intention of being played by multiple players simultaneously. However, that doesn’t imply you can’t experience the game’s adventure on your own; in fact, doing so is very feasible and shouldn’t present any problems.