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Remnant 2: How to Get Gunslinger


The designers of Remnant 2 did a fantastic job of crafting unique Archetypes for each playable character’s preferred build. When you reach Ward 13, you’ll be able to select one Archetype to use in your prime slot. Gunslinger is one of these Archetypes, and it’s great if you’re planning to employ your guns, bows, or crossbows as the major source of damage. As you go through the Archetype’s unlocks and upgrades, you have access to a wide variety of helpful features. Learn the steps to unlocking the Gunslinger perk in this post for Remnant 2!

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Materials Required for the Gunslinger Archetype

Players can now buy the Gunslinger Archetype with the Worn Cylinder and utilize it in Remnant 2. But Wallace won’t make that for you with just a revolver barrel; he’ll need some other stuff, too.

Remnant 2: How to Get Gunslinger

The unlock costs one Worn Cylinder, ten Lumenite Crystals, and one thousand Scrap to complete. The game’s primary money and most plentiful resource is scrap metal, whereas Lemunite Crystals are very scarce. These are commonly dropped by powerful foes the player faces along the way.

How to Unlock the Gunslinger

Patience and knowing who to talk to are needed to unlock the Gunslinger. The non-playable character Mudtooth, who can be found in Ward 13 sleeping at a table with his pal Reggie, is the literal key to unlocking this archetype. The key to understanding the Gunslinger lies in the fact that he is a sprightly old guy who takes pleasure in telling stories.

Listen to Mudtooth’s tales until he has none left to tell, and then you can play the Gunslinger. Although the premise is straightforward, it can get repetitive; yet, Mudtooth will not exhaust all of his tales at once. After completing the first two worlds, the old man is usually more willing to tell all of his stories.

Remnant 2: How to Get Gunslinger

The Worn Cylinder, a damaged revolver barrel, is one of the many rewards players can expect to obtain alongside the more practical Gunslinger’s Ring and Gunslinger’s Charm. With this item, the opportunity to unlock the Gunslinger will be made available by seeing Wallace, who is upstairs in Ward 13, where players originally choose their Archetype following the tutorial.

All Gunslinger Unlockable Abilities

Here is everything that will become available to you once you have upgraded the Gunslinger Archetype by making use of it in battle:

Ability Type Name Level Unlocked Description
Prime Perk Loaded Needs Gunslinger to be the Prime Archetype Whenever you use a Skill, all your weapons are instantly reloaded and gain infinite ammo for 5 seconds.
Skills Quick Draw 0 This Skill can be used in two ways. If you press it, it’ll unload six Critical Shots that get divided equally among the surrounding enemies.

On the other hand, holding the Skill lets you aim and hit one shot that deals much higher damage.

Sidewinder 5 Increases movement speed in ADS mode and speed of drawing or swapping weapons. Moreover, switching to a weapon instantly reloads it.
Bulletstorm 10 Increases the Fire Rate and Reload Speed for all weapons and single-shot weapons become fully automatic for the Skill’s duration. Killing an enemy instantly reloads the weapon.

If you’re using a Bow or a Crossbow, you get a 15 percent Critical Chance and 50 percent Projectile Speed instead.

Perks Swift Shot 1 Gain some base Fire Rate and Ranged Damage that increases with your Archetype level.
Posse Up 2 You get increased Ammo whenever it’s picked up during combat. This is divided equally among all allies.
Quick Hands 3 Increases Reload Speed by 10 percent.
Sleight of Hand 4 Upon using a Relic, the weapon you’re using gets reloaded instantly.
Trait Ammo Reserves 1 level for each Archetype level gained Increases the maximum Ammo capacity for each level of the Trait.


How do you get the Gunslinger charm in Remnant 2?

Continue to play the game until you have conquered all of the challenges in the second world. Return to Mudtooth and continue to complete the required steps until he gives you the Gunslinger’s Charm as a reward.

Can you unlock the Gunslinger without pre order Remnant 2?

Although players can choose from four different Archetypes at the start of the game, there are many more to uncover as the plot develops. The Gunslinger, a fan favorite, was included in the Remnant 2 pre-order package, although the character will be available to all players.

Is Nightfall a good gun Remnant 2?

Nightfall. Most players in Remnant 2 will start out with a long gun, and the Nightfall completely dominates the competition. Starting damage is 31, and there are five rounds per second and ten bullets in the magazine.

What is the best class for solo play in Remnant 2?

If you’re playing by yourself, we recommend the Handler. The Handler can make use of pretty much any secondary archetype, however the Medic and the Summoner are two good examples. The former lets you maintain healing and buffing yourself to increase your survivability when playing alone.

Is Hellfire any good Remnant 2?

Even without upgrades, the Hellfire Flamethrower’s fire damage and built-in Weapon Mod make it a useful weapon. This weapon is helpful for gaining some distance from a horde of creatures because of the STAGGER it causes.