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Remnant 2 – How to Get Bolt Driver


In Remnant 2, you can find and acquire the Bolt Driver Handgun in Yaesha’s realm. To do this, you have to solve a riddle. This weapon is very dependable and has a powerful punch. The bolt driver is a trustworthy pistol that shoots quickly and accurately, making it an excellent choice for close-quarters fighting. You may learn how to obtain a bolt driver in Relic 2 by reading this article:

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What is Bolt Driver in Remnant 2?

One great pistol that is well-known for its proficiency in close quarters fighting is the Bolt Driver. With its ability to fire quickly and in accurate bursts, the weapon is one of the most powerful options available in the game’s extensive arsenal. Tucked down among Yaesha’s mysteries, Bolt Drier is waiting for the accomplished player and the inquisitive who enjoy solving Water Harp riddles.

Remnant 2 - How to Get Bolt Driver

What can the Bolt Driver Handgun do?

The handgun known as the Bolt Driver is especially well-suited for close-quarters fighting. The firearm has the following statistics:

Remnant 2 - How to Get Bolt Driver

  • Damage: 26
  • RPS: 7.4
  • Magazine Size: 24
  • 10% Critical Hit Chance
  • 105% Weak Spot damage bonus
  • Has a maximum ammo cap of 96

How to Get Bolt Driver Secret Gun

To obtain the Bolt Driver Handgun, you must first figure out a musical problem in The Lost Temple in Yaesha. Below is a description of how to find the hidden gun:

1. Engage with the lever in the room directly in front of you after teleporting into a small area.

2. After that, descend the stairs and make an instant left turn. Enter the hidden chamber that has now been unlocked.

3. Continue walking till you reach a sort of sanctuary. The massive machinery housed inside the sanctuary makes it easy to identify.

Remnant 2 - How to Get Bolt Driver

4. The equipment is a gadget that resembles a harp and plays music against the flow of water. To continue, players must insert the notes in the correct order.

5. Engage with the device that resembles a drum barrel. To reset it, push each and every peg inward.

6. Observe the peg formations and portions after the reset. There are five portions visible in all.

Remnant 2 - How to Get Bolt Driver

7. Enter the numbers 1-4-7-2-5, starting from the first section, where each number indicates the peg’s position relative to the base’s initial point.

8. A chime will sound after this process is successfully finished. The Bolt Driver will emerge on a pedestal when the chime concludes.

9. Use the pedestal to your interaction to get your reward.


What is the best handgun in Remnant 2?

The new Corrupted Guns, the Anguish, Meridian, Rupture Cannon, Bolt Driver, Sureshot, Tech 22, MP60-R, Cube Gun, Sorrow, Double Barrel, and Enigma are the most popular and highly ranked Hand Guns in Remnant 2.

Is the bolt driver good in Remnant 2?

One of the weapons in Remnant 2 is the Bolt Driver, a handgun. The Bolt Driver is a venerable yet dependable pistol that is excellent in close quarters fighting with its small stature, rapid fire rate, and accurate bursts enabling agility in confined areas.

What is the best armor in Remnant 2?

For Summoner characters, the Knotted Armor Set is a wonderful option because it has a mysterious appearance and strong defense against poisons. The finest armor in the game is the Leto Mark 2 Armor Set, which has exceptionally strong defense and resistance to a variety of damage kinds.

What is the best class in Remnant 2?

“Man’s best friend,” Handler, certainly lives up to the cliché in Remnant 2, as the Handler Archetype proves to be one of the most potent ways to survive the game’s numerous realms.

Does armor matter in Remnant 2?

The total value of the player’s defensive armor is determined by their armor. A player takes less damage the higher this value is. Weight: This identifies the whole weight of the player’s armor, which establishes the kind of dodge and stamina usage.