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Remnant 2 – How to Get Rod of Retribution


The Awakened King, the first DLC for Remnant 2, has a ton of treasures, side missions, and secret rewards. A lot of them, like the Rod of Retribution, are entirely avoidable if you’re not diligent. The Rod of Retribution is a special quest item that has the ability to slay Nimue. Sadly, though, the player can hardly use it as a personal weapon at all. In Remnant 2, pledging allegiance to the One True King is the sole means of obtaining the Rod of Retribution. You will learn how to obtain the rod of vengeance in Remnant 2 by reading this article:

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How to Find Rod of Retribution

First, as we previously stated, One True King must personally grant you the Rod of Retribution in Remnant 2. All you have to do to accomplish this is progress through The Awakened King DLC’s plot and enter the Chamber of the Faithless, where you will encounter the fairy king.

Remnant 2 - How to Get Rod of Retribution

One True King will give you the Rod of Retribution and order you to slay Nimue if you speak with him and vow allegiance. There is no damage to this item, and it has no further effects. This dagger can only be used to slay Nimue in one of the Towers of the Chamber of the Faithless. However, this choice could have a number of unintended effects.

You will obtain a Broken Heart Relic if you slay Nimue with the Rod of Retribution.  You have an alternative, but this item will be a terrific method to get your health back. Furthermore, the old fairy ruler will become paranoid as a result of Nimue’s murder, so whether you pledge allegiance to him or not, you will be forced to combat him.

How to Get the Rod of Retribution

Two chat options will appear when you first see The One True King at the conclusion of The Awakened King DLC. To begin the last boss encounter right away, you can respond, “Sounds like a lot of hassle, let’s fight,” although doing so would prevent you from earning a quest reward from Nimue.

Remnant 2 - How to Get Rod of Retribution

Rather than ignoring his request, answer, “What is my task, Majesty?” After that, the One True King will give you the Rod of Retribution and ask you to slay Nimue. We wholeheartedly advise choosing this course of action because it has no drawbacks and won’t force you to kill Nimue.

How to Use the Rod of Retribution

Nimue will feel that you are going to kill her when you return to her in her tower and will beg you to spare her life. You can now slay Nimue with the Rod of Retribution, and you’ll receive the healing relic known as the Broken Heart as payment. But when you go back to The One True King, he will attempt to kill you and provide you no more gifts.

Ultimately, I don’t advise choosing this course of action because it seems like the “bad” ending and the benefits are greater if Nimue is spared. Rather, she will grant you Nimue’s Vow if you consent to keep the Rod of Retribution in your possession.

This will change into Nimue’s Blood-Marred Vow, a new quest item, if you kill The One True King. Bring this item back to Nimue, and she will grant you the Gift of the Unbound amulet in addition to the Jewel of the Beholden ring, which is your usual reward for defeating The One True King.


Is Remnant 2 campaign random?

Because Remnant 2’s universe is procedurally created, each player will encounter the game differently depending on a few randomly generated numbers.

Can you fight Nimue Remnant 2?

It is The One True King who will find Nimue captive below. When dealing with him, players have the option of choosing to side with him or fight him.

Where is Nimue Remnant 2?

Returning to the Palace of the One True King section in Remnant 2: The Awakened King will lead you to Nimue. You’ll notice a little room with Fae Archers there. There is another staircase that descends further if you hop past the railing.

What happens when you reroll campaign in Remnant 2?

Beginning at ward 13 (shortly after Ford and Clementine were drawn into the red stone), you reroll the whole campaign. Rerolling the campaign mode will reset all of your progress and provide you with a fresh globe in which to play a brand-new campaign.

What is the point of adventure mode in Remnant 2?

Specific goods are given out by each boss and side location in the game, and because the generation is done procedurally, it can be incredibly annoying to miss an item you were hoping to get. In order to address this, the game features an Adventure Mode that allows you to obtain the stuff you desire and has tight ties to the Campaign Mode.

Should I fight Faerin Remnant 2?

Players in Remnant 2 have an option to face either Faelin or Faerin as the last boss in the Losomn sector. While the treasures from slaying Faerin are more beneficial for melee users, the benefits from Faelin are more suitable for ranged builds.