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Sea Of Stars: All New Game Plus Details


After completing Sea of Stars for the first time, there is an additional mode called New Game Plus that can be unlocked immediately. Sea of Stars is a tribute to the older generation of Japanese role-playing games (JRPGs) and offers players a compelling journey to go on, but can you play through the game again using the New Game Plus mode? The following information regarding Sea of Stars’s All New Game Plus can be found in the following article:

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Does Sea of Stars have a New Game Plus mode?

There is a New Game Plus option in Sea of Stars. Thanks to the team exceeding their Stretch goal on Kickstarter, New Game Plus was able to be included to the game, and it is now available to everyone who has finished the main tale at launch. In New Game Plus, your character’s statistics from the original game remain intact, as do all the stuff you bought and found.

Important things essential to quests are included, making it easier to start the game over. In addition, Sea of Stars has a different ending that can only be accessed in the New Game Plus mode. We expect many players will want to see this other ending because it is widely regarded as the game’s “real” conclusion.

All New Game Plus Details in Sea of Stars

  • What carries over from your original playthrough? Everything includes recipes, essential goods (Rainbow Conchs, Question Packs, Wheel figures), food and fish ingredients, previously caught fish, weapons, armor, accessories, talents, combos, and relics. The levels and gil of your party members will likewise remain.
  • Why should you attempt New Game Plus in Sea of Stars? To get the “What a Technique!” award, beat 10 bosses with the Artful Gambit relic on New Game Plus. You lose 95% HP and foes are invincible when casting with the Artful Gambit relic. However, timed blocks lower damage to 1 and timed hits quadruple it.

Sea Of Stars: All New Game Plus Details

  • What doesn’t carry over from the original playthrough? No second Solstice Mage ring (restores MP when timed blocks). No sheet music. Spa bonuses (Mirth permanent state enhancements) absent. No money from question packs (but you’ll keep their completion status and get the Flimsy Hammer automatically when you find the Quiz Master in the second playing).
  • How should you attempt New Game Plus in Sea of Stars? You should collect all the treasures, rare equipment (Cosmic Cape, Blue Leaf, etc.) and items (with the Falcon-eyed Parrot relic) in the first playthrough to get duplicates on the second playthrough and strengthen your team. Visit the hidden trader in Brisk and buy their relics to boost damage and XP on the second game.


How many endings does Sea of Stars have?

Sabotage’s Sea of Stars takes its cues from the best of the past. The game’s visual style is a hybrid of pixel art and classic 16-bit gaming components, and it blends themes from both platformer and adventure genres. The game’s two possible conclusions are significantly dissimilar to one another.

Does Star Ocean till the end of time have New Game Plus?

This game does not feature a New Game + option. Unfortunately, there is no “New Game +” mode, but you can begin the game again and explore the world in search of secrets you missed the first time around.

What is the best ultimate weapon in Sea of Stars?

The Moon Bo and Sun Blade are Valere and Zale’s finest weapons in Sea of Stars, and they can be used to great effect in the fight against the game’s final enemy. All of the game’s playable characters have access to various weaponry.

What are the best daggers in Sea of Stars?

The Star Shards are the game’s best weapon for Sera, but you can’t get them until the end of the main campaign. These daggers are part of a side mission and can be taken from a boss.

What happens to Garl Sea of Stars?

Garl was given the responsibility of giving the village its name upon its completion, and he chose the name “Mirth.” Later, upon Moraine’s arrival, Garl suggested he take over the post of Town Elder for Mirth after he announced his resignation from Solstice responsibilities.