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Sea Of Stars – How to Beat the Bosslug


You must defeat the Bosslug on your journey to the Elder Mist in Sea of Stars. Despite its apparent simplicity, this boss packs a significant challenge, so you’ll need to know the best tactics to take it down. Multiple bugs can attack you at once, and the main enemy will spew toxic blobs at your characters. It may be really inconvenient. You can learn how to defeat the Bosslug in the Sea of Stars by reading this article:

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The Bosslug Fight Strategy

Knowing the attacks now will help you prepare to defeat this boss. Its health is approximately 325 (this is an approximation, as its entire health is never displayed). It is susceptible to Sun and Moon magic, so you should use as many spells as possible to deal the maximum damage. Zale can do Sun damage, but you shouldn’t use his Sunball ability until he has all of his MP and all your characters are fully healed.

Sea Of Stars - How to Beat the Bosslug

If not, have Zale perform his healing move, the Healing Light ability, whenever someone’s health falls below 50%. The attacker won’t be able to instantaneously eliminate you with any of their strikes if you maintain your health over 50%. If not, have Zale execute simple attacks.

Dealing Damage

The majority of this fight will be fought by Valere. You can hit the Bosslug and its summons as needed, so don’t bother with her Crescent Arc move and concentrate instead on using the Moonerang ability. If you timing your swing with your staff to deflect the energy blast, it will deal enough damage to eliminate them. If not, you’ll need to take out the smaller adversaries before they can launch an attack.

You may deal the maximum damage with that ability as well because it keeps reflecting until you mistime it. If not, you should wait for the Bosslug to be ready for its spawning attack. When it does, symbols will appear over the enemy. If you see a sword, use Zale to attack; if you see a hammer, use Valere. Additionally, you employ Sun magic for the Sun and Moon magic for the Moon.

Combo Meter

You also have your Combo Metre in addition to that. It is best to start with two saved points and use them to heal your characters fast. If not, save it until you really need it. To maximize your damage on the Bosslug, you can spend one of your three points to execute the damage combination. Remember these broad guidelines, and don’t hesitate to utilize objects as you see fit—especially since your MP and combo metres need to be recharged over time.

How to Beat the Bosslug

In its first stage, rocks will start to fall from above. When the rock is ready to strike the main characters, make sure you can read it and time the button press (spacebar on PC). You will lose a significant 12–15 HP if you fail. You’ll also need to timing your presses carefully to avoid the toxic blobs. Six additional HP are lost if they land!

Look at the timer over the creature’s head to see when the next assault is about to land, so be sure you’re prepared to heal. The Tomato Clubs you’ve been given are very crucial in this early combat; they heal your heroes for 20 HP. Try always to have at least 20 HP. You can restore about 10-15 HP by using Zale’s Healing Light if you run out of Tomato Clubs.

Sea Of Stars - How to Beat the Bosslug

When attacking, consider the timing of your button presses—they do important in the Bosslug battle. With every hit, you’ll be able to get an extra hit, and your combo metre will fill up faster. Don’t be scared to apply your abilities as well. If you time it just right, Fireball can deal up to 44 damage. If you can repeatedly parry the technique that resembles a boomerang, moonerang also works nicely.

How to Deal with the Second Phase

Things become serious as the Bosslug in Sea of Stars starts to spit forth its little bug bombs. To take out several of these opponents at once, use Moonerang. Moreover, pay attention to the combination above the Bosslug’s head. You can cancel it and summon the tiny bug bombs if you can complete it before the timer goes off. Now that its mouth is full of deadly blobs, you lose about 10 HP, so be careful.

Sea Of Stars - How to Beat the Bosslug

You can also benefit from using the Solstice Strike move from your combo list. If successfully landed, it will give both party members their lost 3MP back. After that, you can utilise it for Healing Light and Moonerang. Continue blocking attacks and using your skills to pound the Bosslug hard until it is destroyed.


What are the first 10 bosses in sea of stars?

The Catalyst, Dweller of Dread, Elder Mist (the second fight), Romaya (the second fight), Sea Slug, LeJugg, Phase Reaper, Elysan’darëlle, and Fleshmancer are the ten bosses.

What is max level in Sea of Stars?

In Sea of Stars, level 30 is the maximum level cap. Although this cap might seem a little low in comparison to some other games in the genre, the process will take longer because players will need to gain a lot of experience in between levels.

What is the best weapon in Sea of Stars?

The greatest weapons in the game for Valere and Zale, respectively, are the Moon Bo and Sun Blade in Sea of Stars, and they can provide a significant advantage over the last boss. All of the playable characters in the game have access to a variety of weaponry.

Does party order matter in Sea of Stars?

Turn-based combat is used in Sea of Stars. There is no set sequence in which the members of the active party take turns.

How do you use the ultimate skill in Sea of Stars?

During a battle, combination strikes and skill usage can fill up the ultimate skill bar, which is located adjacent to the combo counter. At that point, ultimate talents can be employed. The bar is once again empty upon using an ultimate attack. The Ultimate Bar is filled to 10% when each combo point is spent.