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Sea of Stars: The Autumn Hills Puzzle


The Autumn Hills in Sea of Stars are beautiful in autumn. Leaf litter and vivid oranges and browns decorate the area. My astonishment for this area’s grandeur ended when a camp puzzle toward the finish kept me looking at my screen for 30 minutes. Players must utilize all their exceptional skills to solve many puzzles in this place. Players may require aid navigating the Autumn Hills and defeating the boss. This page explains the Autumn Hills Puzzle in the stars:

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The Autumn Hills Puzzle Solution

Sea of Stars’ Autumn Hills is a stunning area. After talking to the Immortal Alchemist, players should proceed here; he’ll advise them on how to pop the bubble blocking their way farther inside the island. The Mesa is on the opposite side of Autumn Hills, but to get there, players must first solve a series of riddles and kill the boss, Leafy.

Sea of Stars: The Autumn Hills Puzzle

Follow these steps from the area’s entrance past the save point.

  • Ascend the enormous tree trunk. Get across using the Graplou hook.
  • Get on the lower wooden platform and then the upper one.
  • Cross over the narrow wooden bridge and descend the platforms on the other side.
  • After the Grassassins have been vanquished, proceed to the following section and ascend the massive tree stump.
  • Get to the next tree stub through the Graplou hook.

Sea of Stars: The Autumn Hills Puzzle

  • Proceed straight ahead until you reach a ledge that has a prism. Move the leaf heaps with the Mistral Bracelet and then adjust the day/night cycle with the Solstice Amulet. Put it to use by lighting the two Suns and then the two Moons. When all four lights are on, a platform will move when you pull a lever.

Sea of Stars: The Autumn Hills Puzzle

  • To proceed, cross the chasm using the relocating platform.

Sea of Stars: The Autumn Hills Puzzle

There is a person here and they sell food, ingredients, and a respectable weapon for Valere at their shop. You can get up on the platform to the merchant’s right and then down the opposite side. This will advance you to the next chapter in this JRPG for the Switch.

How to Summon and Defeat the Leaf and Root Boss of Autumn Hills

Keep traveling right and up until you reach a campfire where you can prepare Sea of Stars snacks and a save book, and then you’ll find the area boss. At the campsite, you’ll need to manipulate time with the Solstice Amulet in order to open the sun entrance. If the player is standing somewhat close to the sun while altering the time, an interactive arrow will emerge above the door to indicate when the sun is at the correct angle.

Enter the sun door for a cutscene reminiscent of classic JRPGs. A musician will perform a song about a plant-based monster before leaving the stage. All the leaves will need to be blown into the middle, where the clump of branches resides, using the strength of the player’s Mistral Bracelet. After you’ve gathered all the leaves into a pile, you can adjust the time of day so that the area around the leaf pile is illuminated.

Sea of Stars: The Autumn Hills Puzzle

This will summon the Leaf Boss. Wait for it to utilize its Leaf Throw ability before attacking this monster. With this attack, the Leaf and Root boss strips off all of his foliage armor and hurls it at the player. Do as much damage as you can while it is vulnerable; Sea of Stars combination attacks are a fantastic option. It will bounce back into place after a few turns. While waiting for the adversary to hurl its leaves, you should hit the monster with basic attacks to build up your mana and grab some Magic Without Magic orbs.

Sea of Stars: The Autumn Hills Puzzle

Some online forums have claimed that employing the Immortal Alchemist in this battle triggers a game-breaking bug, however this has not been verified. If you can help it, don’t use him at all in this Sea of Stars battle; instead, prioritize the Solstice Warriors, Sarai, and Garl.


How many data strips does the Sea of Stars have?

Players will be able to locate all four Data Strips, acquire the Cypher, and eventually unlock the door that has been shut in Repine with the assistance of this tutorial.

What is the best ultimate weapon in Sea of Stars?

Both Valere and Zale’s finest weapons in Sea of Stars—the Moon Bo and the Sun Blade—provide a significant advantage in the fight against the game’s final adversary. The game’s cast of playable characters each come equipped with their own arsenal of weapons.

What to do with Cypher in Sea of Stars?

Simply visit Serai at his home in Repine to obtain the Cypher. The next step is to make the trip to Cedris and get the Cypher printed there. They can now enter Repine through the closed door with the Cypher. All of these platforms (PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S) now have access to Sea of Stars.

Who is the gun goddess in Sea of Stars?

The Gun Goddess also known by her other moniker “The Queen That Was” is a secret Boss Fight in Sea of Stars. The fight against her concludes Sera’s storyline.

Where is Trader’s signet in Sea of Stars?

In order to complete this quest, you will need a Trader’s Signet, which can be obtained in the Wind Caves next to the Stonemason’s Outpost.