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What is a Skilled Worker Visa in The UK


There are a lot of reasons why companies hire skilled workers who have taken special training to gain further knowledge that often brings a company more output. Bringing a non-national to a different country may be expensive, but having someone who will boost productivity will bring increased profitability to businesses.

An employer who wishes to hire a foreign national will be granting their prospective employee a certificate of sponsorship for work which can allow employees to work legally in the UK. Hiring local employees may cost less, but some companies still consider hiring a highly-skilled foreign national though it may need a lot of paperwork which costs more. 

UK visas can be quite difficult to apply for. Good thing there are UK-based immigration lawyers who can assist non-residents in obtaining a proper visa to legally live and work in the UK.

Working With a Skilled Worker Visa in The UK

Some foreign nationals consider relocating and working in the UK. When an opportunity comes along and their current company wants them to work in the UK, skilled workers will be able to get a sponsorship visa which can make the process of relocating easy.

Because of the living benefits in the UK, the number of foreign nationals that have been trying to work in the UK is increasing. Aside from the living benefits, the UK offers the most high-paying jobs. 

However, if foreign national wants to work in the UK without a sponsorship visa, he may apply for a skilled worker visa. It allows a worker to stay in the UK with a legal job from an approved employer. However, it is important to check the offered salary to qualify for a skilled worker visa. If the salary is less than the going rate, your application may be rejected.

Applying For a Skilled Worker Visa

Before submitting all the documentary requirements for a skilled worker visa, the job that you will be doing should be eligible for the visa classification and the employer should be approved by the home office. The offered salary of the employer should be £25,600 a year or £10.10 an hour. For an employer to be approved to hire a foreign national, they need to pay a fee that depends on the size of their business to process the application. 

An ONS occupation coding tool is created for applicants to check whether the job they are applying for is eligible for this type of visa. It should have a four-digit code to make sure that the job applied for is eligible. 

Some of the documents that you will need during the application are the certificate of sponsorship, English proficiency, valid passport, job details, and the employer details together with their license number.

Benefits of Having a Skilled Worker Visa in The UK

The UK has been one of the best countries for migration due to its high-quality living conditions, education, and professional opportunities. In some circumstances, a skilled worker visa holder may also work for a second job without having to worry about restrictions.

With a skilled worker visa, an employee may bring his dependents to the UK to migrate and settle down for good. Your partner and children may also experience the benefits of living in the UK once their applications are approved. This will avoid the homesickness of the worker which may eventually affect the quality of their work. 

Skilled worker visa holders can stay and work in the UK for up to five years which can be extended by applying for an Indefinite Leave to Remain to permanently reside in the country without having any restrictions. The foreign national workers are also given fourteen days before the start of the sponsorship certificate for them to get settled in the country by familiarizing the routes, adjusting themselves to the new environment and culture, and preparing before they start their actual jobs.

Aside from working legally in the UK, they will also be able to study as long as their schedule will not interfere with their current job. Since the UK is known to have high-quality educational standards, workers who wish to study while working will further increase their profession.


Working in the UK can be an achievement considering the benefits that you and your family may receive as you relocate to the country. A skilled worker visa may also be your and your family’s stepping stone to a permanent residency in the country. Your children will have a high-quality education and your partner may legally work in the UK as well.