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Source Space Candy For Your Joint Pains


 Have you ever wondered if using Sour Space Candy is more than just a joint for recreational use? Your speculations are correct! Sour Space Candy, being a hemp strain loaded with cannabidiol, is indeed a natural way to combat joint pain. According to an article (read more), CBD is the tamer version of THC—which is psychoactive. While you get analgesic benefits from THC, cannabidiol also offers the same, but without putting you in a daze for the rest of the day.

This fact isn’t a secret, but for years cannabidiol products have been compared—and even mistaken for—marijuana and its psychoactive effects. This put cannabidiol in a bad light, but ever since the Farm Bill back in 2018 came to pass, more and more light has shed on the truth about cannabidiol—that it doesn’t compromise a clear mind when you use it. On top of that, it’s also used frequently by pet owners for their sick fur buddies.

What are CBD and THC? How Are They Related To Sour Space Candy?

CBD, as we’ve previously mentioned, is a tamer version of THC. It is mainly farmed from grown hemp all across the United States, and yes, it is legal to grow it industrially. The reason hemp is preferred and not its other counterparts are due to its cannabinoid count. More than half of it is accounted for cannabidiol.

Hemp has little amounts of THC, which is preferable to many CBD users. The customers want the benefits without causing themselves to get stoned, so using cannabidiol is ideal for them. Not only will they avoid having positive, surprise drug tests, but it also assures their productivity and professionalism are maintained while they go about their work. Most of them use cannabidiol as maintenance for many pains and conditions.

Another reason marijuana isn’t the star of the show has something to do with legalities. Marijuana is a schedule 1 substance. Thus, CBD companies (link: make sure their products follow the FDA standards (THC content only below 0.3%). If this policy is broken, they may get fined—or worse—get shut down. The FDA frequently checks on these companies’ formulas to see if the THC content isn’t over the margin or if the cannabidiol count is adequate.

CBD and THC can exist in the Sour Space Candy strain. They can both benefit, but the amount the FDA has given to the latter isn’t enough to cause the user to get high. Tetrahydrocannabinol is just there to trigger the entourage effect. This effect happens when cannabinoids come together to enhance the overall impact of CBD products on the body.

How This Strain Helps With Joint Pain

The ECS (Endocannabinoid System) exists in our bodies to maintain homeostasis or balance. This means it’s directly in charge of normalising the blood pressure, hormone levels, and even temperature when you have a fever. This system makes use of cannabinoids (either endo or phyto) to make this balance a reality.

There are two elements in the ECS, and they are the receptors and the cannabinoids. The receptors are branched to two types: the CB1 scattered around the nervous system and the CB2 mainly found in the peripheral systems. These receptors wait for a cannabinoid to latch onto them and activate responses that can restore balance in the body.

That’s why when you’re having joint pain—let’s say, arthritis—it becomes an imbalance of many antibodies, and it generally not what homeostasis looks like. In response to inflammation, cannabidiol latches onto the receptors found in the peripheral system and makes sure no more WBC cells worsen the site’s state. Cannabidiol ensures that cytokines—protein bodies that induce inflammation) do not stick to the site. It also has anti-inflammatory properties in use.

Another way cannabidiol helps is through the nervous system. Latching on to CB1 receptors enables them to stop the message exchange between the brain and the pain receptors. This numbs the user from the sensation and actually alleviates their aches and pains. CBD is the most natural way to manage any perceived pain, from muscle ache to joint pains.


In conclusion, if you have side-effects with your prescribed medication, gradually switching to CBD in the form of smoking Sour Space Candy is beneficial. Cannabidiol doesn’t pose any harmful side-effects, nor is it potentially addicting or prone to overdose. If you want a safe, alternative choice, cannabidiol is the right one for you.

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