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Alan Wake 2 – How to Get to the Apartment in Parliament Tower


When Chapter “Initiation 2: Casey” concludes, Alan will exit the subway and head towards Parliament Tower, a skyscraper in New York’s Dark Abode, in quest of Alice. The locations range from abandoned sites to subway tunnels to lakes. The Parliament Tower Apartment is one of the locations where players will visit, and it can be both simple and complicated at the same time. This post will describe how to go to the Parliament Tower apartment in Alan Wake 2:

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How to Get to the Apartment in Parliament Tower

Players must take the following particular actions in order to reach the Apartment in the Parliament Tower:

1. Players must find their way out of the subterranean passage in which they find themselves.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to the Apartment in Parliament Tower

2. Once the players emerge from the tunnel, they have to pass through a few doors to get to the metro station.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to the Apartment in Parliament Tower

3. Then just proceed to the station, crossing the ticket-checking machine and making a left.

4. To see the massive Parliament Tower Building, ascend the steps.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to the Apartment in Parliament Tower

5. As you run near the building, players will hear the sound of a phone ringing closer.

6. To get the phone, players must proceed directly in front of the Parliament Tower’s main entrance.

Alan Wake 2 - How to Get to the Apartment in Parliament Tower

7. Players must return to the building after picking up the phone and speaking with the individual.

8. Enter through the main door, but be careful—there are shadows waiting to attack the player. Always keep your firearms and torches out.

9. However, gamers will encounter a cutscene and be required to use the elevator this time.

10. The goal is then completed when the elevator takes the participants to the flat.


Is the apartment in Alan Wake 2 different?

Alan’s writer’s room is different, as is the entire arrangement. The front door is entirely in a different location, there was no spiral, and the TV and bonfire room are in separate places.

How do you come up with a new plan in Alan Wake 2?

In Alan Wake 2, you must acquire files and profile people in order to search the Sheriff’s Station for a few key pieces of information in order to devise a new plan. Finding and gathering some of the evidence can be a little tricky because some UI symbols aren’t always very clear.

How do you get into the hotel in Alan Wake 2?

We have 2550 as our entrance code to the Oceanview Hotel in Alan Wake 2 when we are playing on normal difficulties. If you are still having trouble, try going to the rooftop bar next to the door and using the Angel Lamp on the Light Source to unlock the door. Once inside, you can peruse the drinks menu.

Who is the guy in Alan Wake 2?

Actor Matthew Porretta returns as Alan Wake, the title character and only protagonist of the first Alan Wake video game released in 2010. Ilkka Villi is his live-action counterpart and face model, but Porretta’s voice is always heard.

How scary is Alan Wake 2?

There is a much stronger overt psychological horror bent in Alan Wake 2. The way this appears varies over time, but the jump scares—on-screen flashes where distorted, screaming faces suddenly appear on your screen—are by far the scariest.