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Stardew Valley Prismatic Slime Not Spawning


stardew valley prismatic slime not spawning

Stardew Valley is a popular farming simulation game that allows players to grow crops, raise animals, and explore a vast open world. One of the many features of the game is the ability to catch and collect different types of fish and monsters, including the elusive Prismatic Slime.

Some players have reported that the Prismatic Slime is not spawning in their game. Which is making it difficult for them to complete certain quests or achieve certain achievements. So don’t worry here we have got you covered.

Summary: Go to the level 5 of mines, go back to level 0 if slime if not there, keep repeating the process until you find it.

If you are unable to spawn and you have tried most of the floors. Try giving little bit more time to floor 5 and it will be done. Spawning of monsters in the game is random, and the methods that worked for some players may not work for others.

The Prismatic Slime is a rare monster that can be found in the mine, specifically on floors 80-119. However, in order to spawn a Prismatic Slime, players must first break a Prismatic Shard, which is a rare mineral found on those same floors.

Some players have reported that they were unable to find the Prismatic Slime using the method outlined on the wiki. Which suggests going to floors 95, 105, and 115 and then back to floor 0.

3 Possible Reasons that You are Having Trouble in Prismatic Slime Spawning?

If you are having trouble spawning Prismatic Slimes, it may be because you are not breaking enough Prismatic Shards. The chance of a Prismatic Slime spawning increases with each Prismatic Shard broken. So it may take a few tries before one appears.

Second possible reason for the Prismatic Slime not spawning. You may have reached the maximum number of monsters that can be present in the mine at one time.

The mine has a cap on the number of monsters that can be present. If that limit has been reached, no new monsters will spawn until some are killed or leave the mine.

Third reason could be the game has a bug. Where Prismatic Slimes don’t spawn if you have a certain mod installed. So check if you have any mods installed on your game and remove them.


Try breaking more Prismatic Shards, killing or waiting for other monsters to leave the mine. Also. check for mods before giving up on catching the Prismatic Slime.

It is worth trying different methods and experimenting with different floors. In order to increase your chances of catching a Prismatic Slime.