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Starfield: Blast Zone Bug Fix


Help a real estate agent clean up Akila City in Starfield’s Blast Zone, a side task you can find on the planet Akila. There are moments when you simply enjoy the independence. What you do and where you go is entirely up to you. However, the Blast Zone optional mission can be frustrating for some players due to a flaw. Learn how to fix the blast zone in Starfield with the help of this article.

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How to Start the Blast Zone Mission

Starfield players can begin the Blast Zone quest by communicating with Ngodup Tate in Akila City on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne system. Once you’ve found your way inside Akila City, you’ll be able to pick up a variety of side tasks just by exploring the city. Realtor Ngodup Tate of Akila City may be someone you run into in the future.

Starfield: Blast Zone Bug Fix

Tate will inform you that he is trying to construct new low-cost housing for the people of Akila City, but that he is hampered in his efforts by a number of rock deposits. Even though you can’t use any explosives on this operation, you probably still have the Laser Cutter you got in the first mission. In that case, you may easily get another one from a local gun shop.

Just use your Laser Cutter to get rid of the rocks, and then report back to Tate. Some experience points and 4,300 credits are yours to keep. You might run into an obstacle before you can accomplish this.

How to Fix the Blast Zone Mission Bug

Numerous NPCs in Akila City will provide optional missions. Ngodup Tate, one of them, will sell you a house or two if you have enough credits. He also suggests the Blast Zone diversion. The mission is to assist him in removing some Hard Rock stones from his land. Unfortunately, the rock doesn’t always emerge. It’s possible that sleeping in another location is the key to fixing the Blast Zone issue.

I quickly realized I had more important things to accomplish than clean out the rock when I accepted the Blast Zone mission. When I came back to finish the quest, the blue markers indicated the general location of the rock. The rock, however, was nowhere to be found. What little rock I could see, I attempted to chip away at with the Cutter, but it was obvious that I was lacking a tool. I just couldn’t get anywhere.

Starfield: Blast Zone Bug Fix

Sometimes the rock doesn’t reproduce in the right places, and nobody knows why. See the above screenshot. Fast travel to Venus in the Sol system (located just above Alpha Centauri on the Starmap) will resolve the problem if you try the quest and run into it. You should get some rest on board your ship before leaving Venus. I slept for an entire day. The game should save automatically once you’ve finished sleeping and woken up.

Starfield: Blast Zone Bug Fix

You should return to Akila City as soon as possible after getting some rest. You need to go back to the spot where the rock was hidden. The deposits of Hard Rock should now materialize for unknown causes. The Cutter can now be used to remove the Hard Rock deposits. When you have finished removing all of them, please let Tate know.

How to Use Console Commands to Fix the Blast Zone Bug

Even if the Venus approach doesn’t work, this quest’s problem can be resolved in an other, more reliable way. You may quickly restart your character without losing any of their equipment by opening the console and entering commands. To restore normal operation, use “setstage 0003DC10 400” in the command prompt.

You should know that if you choose to utilize console commands, you will no longer be able to earn awards. As a result, before using terminal commands, you should give the Venus sleeping fix a shot.


What is the blast zone quest in Starfield?

One of these is the Blast Zone side mission, which you can start rather quickly. The Starfield side quest is not as easily obtained, but may be started in Akila City on planet Akila in the Cheyenne system.

Where is Mr Tate Starfield?

Ngodup, who goes by the name Mr. Tate, may be found all over Akila City, seeking to sell homes to residents. Spacefarer can purchase Core manor or Midtown home by talking to him.

How many cities will be in Starfield?

New Atlantis, Akila, Neon, and The Key are the four major settlements in Starfield. The Key, the last on this list, is the operational space station and administrative heart of the Crimson Fleet.

Who is in charge of Starfield?

Starfield, the studio’s first new IP in almost 25 years, has been hailed as “Skyrim in space” by director Todd Howard.