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Street Fighter 6: Complete Gift Guide


Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite Street Fighter 6 character? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll show you how to get gifts in Street Fighter 6 and explain how they work. Plus, we’ll reveal the unique gifts tailored to each character and share the best places to find them. Prepare to level up your gift-giving game and make your favorite fighters feel special. Let’s dive in!

How to Get Gifts In Street Fighter 6

You’ll frequently receive gifts in Street Fighter 6 if you consistently participate in online matches. These gifts can range from in-game currency, exclusive costumes or even new characters to play with. By actively engaging in online battles, you improve your skills and increase your chances of earning rewards. Additionally, staying updated with the game’s events and special promotions will often grant you bonus gifts.

Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide

Street Fighter 6 rewards players who invest time and effort into the game, encouraging them to return for more thrilling matches. So, hop online regularly, showcase your fighting prowess, and reap the rewards that await you. Keep honing your skills and watch as the gifts pour in, enhancing your Street Fighter 6 experience.

How Gifts work

You can receive gifts by participating in online battles, and your performance determines their availability. In Street Fighter 6, gifts are a great way to reward players for their skills and dedication. You can earn various gifts to enhance your gaming experience by competing in online battles. These gifts can range from exclusive character skins and costumes to special in-game currency or even new stages. The better your battle performance, the higher the chance of receiving rare and valuable gifts.

Street Fighter 6 Gift Guide

So, it’s important to train hard, hone your fighting skills, and strive for victory to maximize your chances of obtaining unique gifts. Don’t miss out on the chance to unlock unique content and showcase your achievements in Street Fighter 6!

Special Gifts for Each Character in Street Fighter 6

Choose from various special gifts, such as unique moves and exclusive costumes, for each character in Street Fighter 6. With the release of the highly anticipated game, players are excited about the customization options available. Whether you prefer to enhance your character’s abilities or want to show off their style, the gift system in Street Fighter 6 has got you covered.

Imagine Ryu sporting a sleek black gi or Chun-Li performing a devastating new move. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to make each character your own truly. Not only do these gifts add a layer of personalization, but they also provide a strategic advantage in battles.

Character Best Gift Obtained via
Ryu Japanese Sweets Retsu ‘Monk Without a Cause’ quest line
Luke Strawberry Fight 6 Ken Friendship Mission
Jamie Questionable Energy Drink Blanka Friendship Mission
Chun-Li Citrus Perfume Juri Friendship Mission
Guile Coffee Mill Dhalsim Frindship Mission
Kimberly Vintage Earbuds Dee Jay Friendship Mission
Juri Pricey Check Manon Friendship Mission
Ken Skateboard Keychain Jamie Friendship Mission
Blanka Locket Lily Friendship Mission
Dhalsim Supreme Instant Curry E. Honda Friendship Mission
E. Honda Tiramisu Boba Cammy Friendship Mission
Dee Jay HeartBeatBB Luke Friendship Mission
Manon Commemorative Medal Zangief Friendship Mission
Marisa Lion Necklace Guile Friendship Mission
JP Absurd Check Suval’hal Arena Throwdown side quest
Zangief Weights Marisa Friendship Mission
Lily Gummy Caterpillar Kimberly Friendship Mission
Cammy Neco Acrylic Keychain Chun-Li Friendship Mission
Rashid Sushi Memory Stick MHM Stadium Martial Arts Tournament Side Quest

Best Gifts for Each Character in Street Fighter 6, and where to get them

Get the most out of your favorite Street Fighter 6 characters by finding and obtaining the best gifts for them at various in-game locations. Each character has unique preferences, and giving them the perfect gift can boost their battle performance. Ryu, for example, thrives on determination and strength, so a special training manual can help him unlock powerful techniques.

On the other hand, Chun-Li values elegance and style, so a new pair of fighting gloves or a fashionable outfit can enhance her agility and grace.

To find these gifts, you can explore different locations in the game, such as the bustling market district or the hidden training dojos. Interacting with NPCs and completing side quests can also reward you with valuable items that your favorite fighters will appreciate.

Character Best Gift Location
Ryu Instant Soba Shopkeeper Udon – Metro City Urban Park Area
Luke Red Elevator 8 Jamaica
Jamie Bao Bao Bro Sticker Jamaica
Chun-Li Canned Herring Shopkeeper Dora, Nayshall Commerce Plaza
Guile Natto Japan
Kimberly The Answer Lies in the Heart of Love Jamaica
Juri Wrench India
Ken Cookbook Mexico
Blanka Knock-Off Blanka-Chan Doll Jamaica
Dhalsim Instant Curry (Ultra Mild) Shopkeeper Tsanpa, Nayshall Central Bazaar
E. Honda Rubber Duckies Italy
Dee Jay Lukewarm Beer Brazil
Manon Beaujolais Jamaica
Marisa Cold Tomato Soup France
JP Antique Playing Cards Jamaica
Zangief Wooden Bear Russia
Lily Celery Chips Jamaica
Cammy Jellied Eel Jamaica
Rashid Junk Disc Fight drop in Metro City Tournaments & elsewhere

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Gifts in Street Fighter 6 Only Cosmetic Items, or Do They Provide Any Gameplay Advantages?

In Street Fighter 6, the gifts are not just cosmetic items; they actually provide gameplay advantages. So, you can expect to receive gifts that will enhance your gameplay experience and give you an edge in fights.

Can Players Trade or Sell Gifts to Other Players in Street Fighter 6?

No, you can’t trade or sell gifts to other players in Street Fighter 6. The gifts are solely for your personal use and don’t have any impact on gameplay or the ability to share with others.

Do Gifts Have Any Rarity Levels or Tiers in Street Fighter 6?

In Street Fighter 6, gifts may have different rarity levels or tiers. This means that some gifts will be more valuable or harder to obtain than others. Keep an eye out for those rare gifts!

Are There Any Time-Limited or Seasonal Gifts Available in Street Fighter 6?

Yes, there are time-limited and seasonal gifts available in Street Fighter 6. These gifts can be exclusive and only obtainable during specific events or limited periods, so make sure to grab them while you can!

Can Players Earn Gifts Through In-Game Achievements or Challenges in Street Fighter 6, or Are They Only Obtained Through Purchasing or Specific Actions?

You can earn gifts through in-game achievements or challenges in Street Fighter 6. They aren’t only obtained through purchasing or specific actions. So, put in the effort and unlock those rewards!


So there you have it, a quick guide on how to get gifts in Street Fighter 6. Whether you’re looking for special gifts for each character or the best gifts overall, we’ve got you covered. Remember to explore different modes and complete challenges to unlock these gifts. Show your favorite Street Fighter 6 characters some love with the perfect gift!