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Starfield New Game Plus Explained


Are you ready to dive back into the vast universe of Starfield? After completing the main story, you’ll have the choice to continue exploring or start fresh with a new game. This guide’ll walk you through everything you need about Starfield’s New Game Plus. We won’t spoil any significant details, but you’ll discover when you can choose, what to expect in the Settled Systems, and the thrilling powers that await you. Get ready, pilot, because Starfield’s New Game Plus will take you on a new adventure.

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What You Get with New Game Plus in Starfield

In Starfield’s New Game Plus, you get a Starborn Spacesuit Astra and a Starborn Guardian ship as part of your fresh start in the universe. The Starborn Spacesuit Astra is an incredible suit with maximum damage resistance and environmental protection. It’s a helmet, suit, and pack all in one, making it convenient and lightweight.

Starfield New Game Plus Explained

This suit also comes with three perks: Bolstering, which grants extra resistance as your health decreases; Resource Hauler, allowing you to carry more items; and Sentinel, reducing damage while you’re standing still.

  • Bolstering that grants extra resistance as your health decreases
  • Resource hauler to let you carry more stuff
  • Sentinel, which reduces damage while you’re standing still

As for the Starborn Guardianship, it’s a respectable vessel with 1,045 kg of cargo space, a 30-light-year jump distance, and ample fuel. While it may not be customizable and the best in the game, it looks cool. With these new additions, you’ll be ready to embark on your next adventure in Starfield’s New Game Plus.

Starfield New Game Plus Explained

How to Get to New Game Plus in Starfield

To access New Game Plus in Starfield, you must complete the final mission and decide to continue exploring or start a fresh game. At the end of the mission, ‘One Giant Leap,’ you’ll be given the choice to hold off on ending the game and explore further or complete the main story and start a New Game Plus.

If you delay the ending, you can always return to it later. In New Game Plus, you’ll start with the same XP and level, along with the same skills and powers. However, you’ll lose your ships, cargo, money, weapons, and inventory. The enemies aren’t scaled up in the new game, and you’ll receive a new spacesuit and ship.

Starfield New Game Plus Power

You can collect 24 Powers in Starfield’s New Game Plus, and they’re distributed randomly throughout the game. These Powers are essential for your character’s progression and abilities. Each Power you collect will enhance your skills and give you an advantage in combat and exploration. The Powers range from increased damage resistance to improved resource management and reduced damage while standing still.

Starfield New Game Plus Explained

As you progress through the game, you’ll come across Powers you already have, but don’t worry. You’ll receive an upgraded version of that Power. This adds a layer of excitement and unpredictability to each playthrough of Starfield’s New Game Plus, as you never know which Powers you’ll discover.

What Happens When You Start a Second New Game Plus in Starfield

If you start a second New Game Plus in Starfield, the roles of NPCs and the leadership of Constellation will change, adding a new level of unpredictability to each playthrough. This means the characters you interact with and their decisions will be different, creating a fresh and unique experience. The leadership of Constellation, the faction that you align with, will also change, affecting the overall dynamics and relationships within the game world.

This adds an exciting element of surprise and replayability to Starfield, as you never know what to expect in each new playthrough. Whether it’s a new ally or a different enemy, the second New Game Plus in Starfield promises to keep you on your toes and offer a fresh perspective on the game’s universe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Access New Game Plus in Starfield Before Completing the Main Story?

You can access New Game Plus in Starfield before completing the main story. At the end of the final mission, “One Giant Leap,” you can start a New Game Plus or explore further.

Do You Lose All of Your Progress and Inventory When Starting a New Game Plus?

Yes, starting a New Game Plus in Starfield will lose all of your progress and inventory. However, you’ll get a new spacesuit, ship, and the opportunity to collect new artifacts and powers.

Can You Skip the Main Story Missions in New Game Plus?

Yes, in New Game Plus in Starfield, you have the option to skip the main story missions. Everything else is reset, but you’ll have a fresh start with factions and side quests.

Are the Enemies Scaled up in Difficulty in New Game Plus?

No, the enemies are not scaled up in difficulty in New Game Plus in Starfield. You can skip main story missions, but everything else will be reset for a fresh start.

How Many Powers Can You Collect in Starfield and Are They Randomly Distributed?

In Starfield, you can collect a total of 24 Powers, and they are randomly distributed. As you play through multiple New Game Plus iterations, the roles of NPCs and the makeup of Constellation start to change.


In conclusion, Starfield’s New Game Plus allows players to continue their adventure in the vast universe or start a fresh game with a new perspective. With exciting powers and endless possibilities, the journey doesn’t have to end with the main story. Whether you explore the Settled Systems or embark on a second New Game Plus, Starfield promises an even greater adventure for all players. So, strap in and prepare to uncover the mysteries of the universe in Starfield’s New Game Plus mode.