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How to Play Ryu in Street Fighter 6


A wide variety of playable characters are available in Street Fighter 6, giving gamers plenty of options. Each character has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and roles in which they are most likely to shine. Ryu is one of the possibilities that can be used in various situations, making him a good pick for beginners who are just starting. Knowing how to execute the strategies in Ryu’s arsenal effectively will boost his lethality and make him a force that is nearly impossible to stop, although they are simple to understand. The following information will guide you through playing Ryu in Street Fighter 6:

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Strategies for Ryu

To lock down his opponent and deal maximum damage, Ryu specializes at controlling the close to mid-range areas. He does this by using his ki blasts and melee counters.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Ryu

  • Put it in the nearest corner. Since Ryu’s special attacks have such low cooldowns and are cancellable, players should generally play aggressively from the get-go. Ryu may corner his foes with Hashogeki or Tatsumaki and lock them down with blows.
  • Understand his fundamental rebuttals. With the appropriate response, Ryu can effectively nullify the damage from opposing combos at its inception thanks to his arsenal of effective basic punches and kicks.
  • Learn to dominate the Hadoken. The difference between victory and defeat often comes down to how swiftly Ryu can hurl a Hadoken to counter an opponent’s ki blast or catch them off guard with two or three Hadokens in rapid succession, Ryu’s most reliable and furthest type of damage.

Ryu’s Strengths

Each character shines in their niche. Luke closes the gap and puts their opponent under pressure in the corner. Ken pushes his opponents back to keep them from their best range. However, Ryu has a diverse kit. This adaptability lets him manage any opponent. You’ll never be at a range disadvantage if you push away Luke and close in on Dahlsim. This gives you several possibilities regardless of his opponent.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Ryu

When an approach fails, players can switch. Due to his abilities and missiles, Ryu has a great mid-range to keep close-fighting adversaries out of their best zone. This also makes him ideal for learning the game’s mechanics. Ryu is good at juggling, thus opponents must be wary of his recovery times to avoid a severe combination.

Ryu’s Weaknesses

Although Ryu can play mid-range, it is not his forte. Ryu’s most destructive combos can be blocked by other players, making this fighting style a double-edged sword until you practice closing the gap. Ryu’s Denjin Charge is another scam. Not using your Denjin Charge means not employing Ryu to his full potential, which costs matches. You must manage his charge-up technique to do effective damage. Carelessly using his charge can allow your opponent to penalize you. This can be difficult to adjust to.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Ryu

Ryu’s Difficulty Curve

Ryu may be in the top 10 for beginners, but he should not be your first pick. He has a medium difficulty curve because players can play him in several ways. Unlike fighters without such a mechanic, understanding his Denjin charge-ups makes missed opportunities easy to lose the fight. You should start with another character and then work with Ryu to master JP or Zangief.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Ryu

Tips for Winning as Ryu

Mastering Ryu’s special melee combo attacks and their timing and cancel abilities is essential for players who want to get the most out of him.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Ryu

Some more sophisticated Ryu strategies are as follows:

  • Master the pairings. Ryu has enormous potential against all of the fighters in the roster. Still, it is essential to understand the opponent’s basic fighting style to know whether to force them into the corner and scream or to keep their distance and zone with ki blasts.
  • Charge by inflicting knockdowns. Denjin Charge allows Ryu to greatly increase the damage of his combo attacks at the cost of leaving himself temporarily open to assault. Players can safely charge in while Ryu’s opponent recovers if they know when to use his knockout attacks.
  • Underhanded low kick. Ryu’s lack of great reach in his punches and kicks makes him vulnerable to opponents like Marisa. Ryu’s low kick has a longer range than his other basic strikes, making it a useful defensive and offensive tool for surprising opponents who have gotten too close.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Ryu

  • Make extensive use of ki blasts. Use the short cooldowns of Ryu’s special moves to sneak in extra damage whenever possible.

How to Counter Ryu

Very few characters in the game have a substantial advantage against Ryu due to his adaptable kit. Still, two strategies do provide players an advantage due to his damage peaking in the short to mid-range. Fighters specialising in dealing damage from a distance, such as JP, Guile, or Dhalsim, can chip away at Ryu’s health while preventing him from coming close enough to return fire properly.

Street Fighter 6: How to Play Ryu

Furthermore, Ryu will be shut down if he is not playing extremely wisely and cautiously by fighters like Zangrief and Marisa who can tank through his attacks and out-damage him in close range.


What is Ryu doing in Street Fighter 6?

Ryu, always polite and honest, searches the world over for quality opponents. After defeating Satsui no Hado, he decided to aim even higher.

Where is Ryu in Street Fighter 6?

How to Track Down Ryu While He’s on His World Tour. The Genbu Temple in Japan is required not long after the player meets E. Honda in Chapter 8. They can talk to Ryu about enrolling in his school here.

Who is Ryu’s love interest in Street Fighter?

Even though they first appear in the Street Fighter comic published by Malibu Comics fighting each other after Ryu sneaks up on her from behind, Chun-Li is shown to have known Ryu and Ken since her late teens and to have a romantic interest in Ryu.

Does Ryu have a dad?

The details of Ryu’s early life are unclear. Ryu was an orphan when he was young, and Capcom has never revealed the identities of his parents. We all know that Gouken treated him like a son growing up, and that Ryu considers him a father figure.