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Street Fighter 6: Jamie Guide – All Moves, Combos & more


Are you ready to master the tricks and techniques of the new Street Fighter 6 character, Jamie? In this guide, we’ll help you navigate Jamie’s unpredictable moveset and dominate your opponents with his unique abilities. As a mid-range fighter, Jamie relies on his Drink Level to enhance his power and technique. Each sip from his flask boosts his special and unique moves, giving you an edge in battle. With our tips and tricks, you’ll become a force to be reckoned with in Street Fighter 6.

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Jamie’s Drink Level Explained

You should understand the mechanics behind Jamie’s Drink Level and how it enhances his moves in Street Fighter 6. The Drink Level is Jamie’s individual resource that buffs his Special and Unique Moves while giving him new abilities. Whenever he drinks his Ki-unleashing potion, Jamie’s moveset becomes stronger and gets extended. But he can also perform his Super Art Level 2 to max out his Drink Level for a short period.

Street Fighter 6: Jamie Guide

As a tricky mid-range fighter, Jamie must prioritize seizure and control. The ideal strategy for him is locking the opponent in a corner, manipulating their counters, and bullying them with high and low mix-ups. Combine swigs with combos. Drink while fighting. Instead of spamming The Devil Inside, go with Freeflow Kick or Full Moon Kick to increase Jamie’s Drink Level.

Strategies for Jamie

To maximize Jamie’s effectiveness in battle, utilize feints and capitalize on his unpredictable moves, making his strategies both strategic and deceptive. Jamie’s unique abilities, such as his Drink Level and buffed moves, allow for a highly unpredictable playstyle. By incorporating feints into his gameplay, you can confuse and misdirect your opponents, keeping them off balance and unable to anticipate your next move.

Take advantage of Jamie’s unpredictable moveset to catch your opponents off guard and create opportunities for devastating combos. Use his feints to bait out counterattacks and then punish your opponents with unexpected strikes.

Jamie’s Move List

The Jamie’s Move List includes a variety of unique attacks and special moves that can be utilized to dominate your opponents in Street Fighter 6. With moves like Tensei Kick, Phantom Sway, Falling Star Kick, and Bitter Strikes, Jamie offers a diverse range of offensive options. His Drink Level mechanic enhances his moveset, allowing for stronger attacks and new abilities. Strategies for playing Jamie involve combining swigs with combos, utilizing cancelable moves, and capitalizing on feints to keep your opponents guessing.

Street Fighter 6: Jamie Guide

Learning the best combos for Jamie, such as the Freeflow Kick Combo and the Swagger Hermit & Getsuga Saiho Combo, can help you maximize your damage output. Remember to prioritize getting your Drink Levels and use Super Art 2 as a comeback move. While Jamie may have some weaknesses, mastering his move list will give you the upper hand in Street Fighter 6.

Jamie’s Move Description Type
Tensei Kick 6KK Unique Attacks
Phantom Sway 6HK,HK,P Unique Attacks
Falling Star Kick 6MK Unique Attacks
Hermit’s Elbow 4HK Unique Attacks
Senei Kick 6HK Unique Attacks
Bitter Strikes LP,LK,MP Unique Attacks
Full Moon Kick 6MK,MK,P Unique Attacks
Intoxicated Assault 4HP,HP,HK Unique Attacks
Ransui Haze 6HK,4HK,P Unique Attacks
The Devil Inside 22P Special Move
Freeflow Strikes 236P,6P,6P Special Move
Freeflow Kicks 236P,6K,6K Special Move
Swagger Step 214P Special Move
Arrow Kick 623K Special Move
Luminous Dive Kick 214K Special Move
Bakkai 236K Special Move
Tenshin 63214K Special Move
Swagger Hermit Punch 214P,6P Special Move
Breakin’ 236236K Super Art Level 1
The Devil’s Song 214214P Super Art Level 2
Getsuga Saiho 236236P Super Art Level 3
Back Shaver 5 or 6LP,LK Throw
Wheel Punch 4LP,LK Throw

Tips for Winning with Jamie

Master the unpredictable nature of Jamie’s moveset and utilize his drink buffs to their full potential, for he can surprise and overwhelm your opponents. As a tricky mid-range fighter, Jamie’s strategy revolves around seizing control and cornering your opponent. Combine swigs with combos, opting for Freeflow Kick or Full Moon Kick to increase Jamie’s Drink Level.

Cancelable moves like crouching medium punch and heavy punch allow for seamless sequences with his Specials and Super Arts. Capitalize on feints with Ransui Haze, confusing your enemy with changing effects. With 23 commands in his moveset, including eight Drink-exclusive moves, Jamie offers a wide range of options.

Street Fighter 6: Jamie Guide

To maximize damage, learn the best combos, like the Freeflow Kick Combo and Swagger Hermit & Getsuga Saiho Combo. Prioritize getting buffs, use Super Art 2 as a comeback move, and dodge projectiles with Luminous Dive Kick. Remember, Jamie’s strength lies in his buffs, so drink to refill the Drive Gauge and unleash powerful Overdrive moves. While vulnerable to long-range attacks and limited in damage output without buffs, Jamie’s unpredictable gameplay can still hold its own in battle.

How to Counter Jamie

If you want to counter Jamie, focus on preventing him from drinking to limit his buffs and weaken his gameplay. Jamie relies heavily on his Drink Level to enhance his moves and gain new abilities. You can reduce his power and unpredictability by denying him the opportunity to drink.

Street Fighter 6: Jamie Guide

Use characters with long-range attacks, such as JP and Dhalsim, to keep Jamie at a distance and interrupt his drinking. Pressure him constantly to prevent him from finding openings to sip from his flask. Be aggressive and maintain a relentless offense to keep him on the defensive. By denying Jamie his buffs, you can tilt the match in your favor and secure victory against this tricky mid-range fighter.

Pros and Cons

To fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of playing as Jamie in Street Fighter 6, you need to weigh the pros and cons of his gameplay. Jamie is a tricky mid-range fighter with a unique resource meter called the Drink Level. Drinking from his flask enhances his power and technique, making his moveset stronger and more unpredictable.

The pros of playing as Jamie include heavy damage when buffed, reliable pokes and checks, and the ability to capitalize on feints. However, there are also cons to consider, such as vulnerability against long-range attackers and limited damage output without the Drink buffs. To counter Jamie, opponents need to prevent him from drinking and utilize long-range characters to keep him at bay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Jamie’s Drink Level Affect His Moveset?

Jamie’s Drink Level affects his moveset by buffing his Special and Unique Moves, giving him new abilities, and enhancing his power and technique. It is crucial to manage the Drink Level to maximize Jamie’s potential in combat.

What Is the Ideal Strategy for Playing as Jamie?

The ideal strategy for playing as Jamie is to prioritize seizure and control. Lock your opponent in a corner, manipulate their counters, and bully them with high and low mix-ups.

Which Moves in Jamie’s Move List Are Exclusive to His Drink Gauge?

The moves in Jamie’s move list that are exclusive to his drink gauge are Luminous Dive Kick (DL1), Bitter Strikes (DL1), Bakkai (DL2), Full Moon Kick (DL2), Tenshin (DL3), Intoxicated Assault (DL3), Swagger Hermit Punch (DL4), and Ransui Haze (DL4).

What Are Some Tips for Winning With Jamie?

To win with Jamie in Street Fighter 6, prioritize getting buffs by drinking. Use Super Art 2 to boost Drink Level. Counter projectiles with Luminous Dive Kick. Refill Drive Gauge by drinking on Level 4. Be aware of vulnerability to long-range attacks.

How Can Players Counter Jamie’s Playstyle?

To counter Jamie’s playstyle, you need to prevent him from drinking. Use long-range characters like JP or Dhalsim to keep him at a distance and interrupt his attempts to buff himself.


In conclusion, mastering Jamie in Street Fighter 6 requires understanding his unique abilities and utilizing his Drink Level effectively. By using the strategies and tips outlined in this guide, you can dominate your opponents and become a formidable force in the game. Remember to adapt your playstyle based on Jamie’s buffs and take advantage of his high and low mix-ups. With practice and perseverance, you’ll be able to achieve victory and leave your opponents in awe.