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Street Fighter 6: Luke Guide


Are you ready to dominate the world of Street Fighter 6? Get ready to unleash your inner warrior and become a master of Luke, the newest addition to the game’s roster. With his unique fighting style and abilities, Luke is sure to shake up the competitive scene. In this guide, we’ll dive into his move list, special moves, combos, and strategies, providing the tips and tricks you need to play Luke effectively and conquer your opponents. It’s time to show the world your skills in Street Fighter 6!

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Strategies for Luke in SF6

To maximize Luke’s damage output in SF6, focus on mastering his combo potential and utilizing his unique abilities. Luke has many combo options and potential setups, allowing you to create your devastating combinations. Experiment with different moves and timings to find the most effective combos for Luke.

Street Fighter 6: Luke Guide

Use his special moves, which can drastically change certain abilities and add versatility to your gameplay. Understanding frame data and hit confirms is essential for maximizing Luke’s damage output and ensuring your combos connect. Develop strategies that involve zoning, mix-ups, and pressure to keep your opponents on their toes.

Luke’s Move List in SF6

Have you tried using Luke’s Flash Knuckle as a combo starter and distance closer in SF6? It’s a powerful move that can really turn the tide of a battle. When executed correctly, Flash Knuckle allows you to initiate devastating combos and quickly close the gap between you and your opponent. As a combo starter, it sets the stage for a flurry of attacks that can deal significant damage.

Street Fighter 6: Luke Guide

Additionally, Flash Knuckle doubles as a distance closer, allowing you to quickly close in on opponents who are trying to keep their distance. Its speed and range make it an essential tool in Luke’s arsenal.

Move Description Type
Vulcan Blast Unleash a flurry of Sand Blasts Special Art 1
Eraser A powerful punching combo that sends enemies flying Special Art 2
Pale Rider Charge the opponent, tackle them, and pummel them with a series of punches. Can be used to dodge projectiles Special Art 3
Sand Blast Send a shockwave of pressure directly forward Special Move
Fatal Shot Fires a second shockwave following and Overdrive Sand Blast Special Move
Flash Knuckle A chargeable punch that can be performed in alternate ways using the Light, Medium, and Heavy input variants. Release the input at the perfect time for an improved effect Special Move
DDT Can be performed after landing the first hit of an Overdrive Flash Knuckle. Grab the opponent and slam them to the ground Special Move
Aerial Flash Knuckle An aerial version of Flash Knuckle that has an alternate effect when holding the input. Can be used to charge an enemy or switch sides Special Move
Avenger Duck low and charge forward. Can be used with Overdrive for an armor effect Special Move
No Chaser A tackle performed from Avenger that can close the distance to the enemy Special Move
Impaler An overhead kick performed from Avenger that cannot be blocked crouching Special Move
Rising Uppercut A skyward uppercut that can counter aerial attacks. Negates incoming aerial damage Special Move
Slam Dunk An aerial downward punch that slams the enemy to the ground directly in front of Luke. Must be performed from an Overdrive Rising Uppercut Special Move
Rawhide An overhead hammer punch that cannot be blocked while crouching Unique Attack
Suppressor A quick back step, followed by a body shot. Can be canceled into special moves Unique Attack
Outlaw Kick A powerful high kick that can strike jumping opponents Unique Attack
Double Impact A forward-moving punching combo. Can be canceled into special moves. Unique Attack
Triple Impact A fast punching combo that can be canceled into special moves Unique Attack
Nose Breaker Kick low, then headbutt the opponent Unique Attack
Snapback Combo A powerful succession of forward-moving punches Unique Attack
Sweeper Grab and lift the enemy, then slam them to the ground Throw
Scrapper Grab the enemy and knee them in the face. Switch sides, then send them back with another knee strike Throw

Tips for Winning as Luke

If you want to dominate your opponents as Luke, focus on utilizing his strengths and effective strategies. Luke excels at close-range combat, so get up close and personal with your opponents. Use his simple play style and combo controls to unleash high-damage output.

Use Luke’s tools, like his Flash Knuckle and Rising Uppercut, to close the distance and overwhelm your opponents. Remember to push on a vulnerable enemy and continue the attack to keep the pressure on. However, be mindful of Luke’s weaknesses. He lacks effectiveness at long range and can be vulnerable when cornered or at a slight range. Stay aggressive and utilize Luke’s unique attacks while defending against mid and long-range attacks.

How to Counter Luke

When facing Luke, remember to stay out of his range and zone him to counter his close-range dominance. Luke excels at close-range combat and has tools to overwhelm opponents in that range. You need to keep your distance and control the mid-range to counter him. Avoid getting too close where he can unleash his high damage output. Fighters with long-range attacks have an advantage against Luke, so utilize your projectiles and keep him at bay.

Additionally, characters like JP, Guile, and Dhalsim are effective against Luke due to their zoning abilities. Exploit Luke’s lack of long-range damage and deal high damage while keeping your distance. By staying out of his range and zoning him effectively, you can neutralize Luke’s close-range dominance and gain the upper hand in battle.

Luke’s Strengths In Combat

You can capitalize on Luke’s strengths in combat by utilizing his close-range dominance and overwhelming opponents with his high damage output. Luke excels at close-range combat, making him a formidable force up close. With his powerful attacks and combo potential, he can quickly push on a vulnerable enemy and continue the attack, dealing significant damage.

His simple play style and combo controls make him easy to pick up and master, making him a great choice for beginners looking to learn and improve. However, it’s important to note that Luke’s effectiveness diminishes at long range, as he lacks options outside of his specific play style. To counter Luke, opponents can exploit his lack of long-range damage and deal high damage while keeping distance from him.

Luke’s Weaknesses In Combat

Street Fighter 6: Luke Guide

But don’t underestimate Luke’s weaknesses in combat, as his vulnerability increases when cornered or at a slight range. While Luke excels at close-range combat and has the tools to overwhelm opponents, he lacks effectiveness at long range. His options outside of his specific play style are limited, making him predictable to experienced players.

Additionally, Luke’s lack of long-range damage and slow projectile animation make him susceptible to punishment from opponents who can keep their distance. Furthermore, he’s not a strong juggler or zoner, further limiting his versatility in combat. To counter Luke, it’s best to zone him and stay out of his range, utilizing fighters with long-range attacks to exploit his weaknesses. By keeping distance and dealing high damage from afar, opponents can neutralize Luke’s close-range dominance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Inputs for Luke’s Special Moves in Street Fighter 6?

To execute Luke’s special moves in Street Fighter 6, input the corresponding commands. Each move has its own unique inputs and properties, so mastering them is crucial for success in battles.

How Can I Create Effective Combos Using Luke’s Move Set?

Experiment with different inputs and timings to create effective combos with Luke’s move set. Chain together his normal and special moves to maximize damage output. Practice and refine your execution for optimal performance.

Are There Any Specific Strategies or Tactics That Work Well With Luke in Battles?

To play Luke effectively in battles, focus on mastering his move set, experimenting with combos and strategies, and studying high-level gameplay. Improve execution and timing, control the start, stay aggressive, and utilize his unique attacks.

Which Characters in Street Fighter 6 Are Particularly Strong Against Luke and Why?

Characters like JP, Guile, and Dhalsim are strong against Luke because they have long-range attacks that exploit his lack of long-range damage. They can deal high damage while keeping their distance from him.

Can Luke’s Armor Ability Completely Negate All Damage, or Are There Limitations to Its Effectiveness?

Luke’s armor ability can negate damage, but it has limitations. It’s not invincible and can be broken by multi-hit attacks or grabs. Timing and understanding its vulnerabilities are essential for effective use.


In conclusion, mastering Luke in Street Fighter 6 will give you the upper hand in the competitive scene. With his unique fighting style and abilities, Luke brings a fresh and exciting element to the game. You can dominate your opponents and emerge as a formidable force in the virtual arena by utilizing his move list, special moves, and strategies. Remember to also be aware of Luke’s weaknesses and how to counter him effectively. So gear up, embrace your inner warrior, and prepare to conquer Street Fighter 6 with Luke!