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Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough Part 11 – The Mask


Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough Part 11 – The Mask

The Mask

Location: Chinatown

This is a rather short mission and a simple one at that so un-clench and let’s move. The masked gang that you have encountered earlier, their identities and who is behind all of that, needs exploring. You must detect and get to the bottom of it to stop them, so put your detective hat on.

Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough Part 11 – The Mask

Peter needs to get back to the F.E.A.S.T to ask around about the mysterious masked. The concerning thing about these particular thugs is the strange technology they use to attack. You are not the only one interested in finding out about them, Mary Jane is interested as well if you remember from the auction house mission. So, you will have to keep her in the loop as well.

Now that the Shocker is subdued, you must head back to shelter building. The marker must be there on mini map otherwise, open the big one and ping the location. Head over there and use the roof entrance just like before.

Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough Part 11 – The Mask

It will probably be night time by the time you get there so wait for the morning, once the sun comes up get inside and move towards the back of the facility. Find the staircase and head up to the room marked “Director”, this is where Martin Li works.

Go inside and show Martin the Mask that you have snatched. After seeing it, Martin will avoid answering directly and give you a friendly advice as to not to look into it any further for his own safety and others and whatnot.

Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough Part 11 – The Mask

Knowing what Martin had to say, you must relay this message to MJ, about the warning. Once you have accomplished that, simply head outside and mission will be over.

Don’t fret, there are plenty of side mission before the main story reappears. Collect backpacks and fix more towers in case you have missed them. Besides, there are always petty crimes popping up here and there and those are always fun to stay on your toes and keep fresh with your skills.

There will be a side mission around Harlem, and Fisk network is as big as himself so stay at it.

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