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The Complete Guide to Rocket League Trading


This guide takes you through everything you need to know about trading in Rocket League.

What is Rocket League Trading?

Rocket League trading is where you exchange items with another player.

Rocket League Currency

All Rocket League items have a market value. These market values are measured in the Rocket League currency.

Before Rocket League became free to play, keys were the in-game currency. After this update in late 2019, keys were replaced with credits. For each key you had in your RL inventory, you were gifted 100 credits. Therefore, if an item was worth 5 keys, it is now worth 500 credits.

How to get Rocket League Items

Simply playing matches will grant you with random drops. These drops appear in different rarities of common, uncommon, rare, and very rare. Opening a drop will reward you with a random item in that rarity.

Participating in the scheduled Rocket League tournaments is another method to obtaining items. Players who take part in these tournaments are rewarded with tournament credits. The more rounds you win and the further you make it in the bracket, the more tournament credits you receive. These can then be spent on tournament cups. The prospect cup costs 1,200 tournament credits, where only uncommon, rare, very rare, and import items can be won. The All-Star cup costs 4,000 tournament credits, where exotic and black market items can be attained.

Websites such as Aoeah allow players to buy Rocket League credits and items for cheap prices. This is a guaranteed method to obtain the item you desire.

Another common method to get RL items is to acquire the Rocket Pass. Each level you progress, you receive an item in return. It costs 1100 credits to purchase, but you receive 900 credits if you complete all levels within the season. In effect, if you complete all Rocket Pass levels, it costs 200 credits to receive around 100 items. Not a bad deal at all!

How & Where to Trade Rocket League Items

To remove trading restrictions, players who installed Rocket League after it went free to play must buy 500 credits in-game or the equivalent to this amount. Starter packs and eSport tokens all count towards this total. This was introduced by Pysonix to help reduce scams.

Before you go into a trade, check the price of the Rocket League item you desire on Pro MB Gaming to ensure you are securing a good deal. Traders usually sell at the lower end of an item’s valuation range.

Player-to-player is not the only trading technique. Trade-ups are often overlooked. A trade-up is where you dispose 5 items of the same rarity in-exchange for 1 item of a higher rarity. For example, if you get rid of 5 exotic items, you will be rewarded with 1 random black market item.


A new, revamped trading system makes it more difficult to get scammed, but still possible. Here are a few tricks to watch out for:

  • Do not click any links! Some scam traders get you into a trade then send you a link, persuading you to click it for some sort of benefit.
  • Double check the trade before clicking accept. You will also have a 5 second window to cancel if needed.
  • Use a middleman if cash is being used in the trade. These can be found on various RL trading discords.