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How To Turn Off Narrator On Xbox One-Complete Guide


If you’ve got got an Xbox One, you have in all likelihood used its Narrator functionality, which reads textual content aloud to the user. Text might also additionally come from any detail at the screen (e.g., button). This Narrator characteristic is specifically useful for folks who are blind or produce other imaginative and prescient impairments and require voice assistance. By default, it’s miles grew to become off

Xbox Narrator Settings

However, on this article, we are able to be discussing the way to close/disable the narrator feature. Many Xbox One customers are going through trouble in turning off this feature. For some, the narrator robotically activates once they login to their Xbox Live account. For others, it’s far robotically enabled whilst they’re looking a film at the Movies App. This can end up very nerve-racking for everyday customers due to the fact a voice begins off evolved to relate the whole lot occurring at the screen. So, let’s examine a number of the viable fixes that could assist your disable this feature.

Method 1: Turn Off Through The Power Menu

There are 3 viable methods you can ‘officially’ disable the Narrator functionality. The first technique is the perfect and fastest one. It uses Xbox One’s energy menu to show off the narrator.

  1. First, flip on your Xbox and login on your Xbox Live account.
  2. If you’re experiencing the software program bug, then your Narrator will automatically be became on. If you pick a few option, the blue define is displayed and a voice repeats the text.
  3. Now, press and preserve the Xbox Home Button to your controller.
  4. Xbox Home Button
  5. The strength menu will open.
  6. You may be capable of see the instruction to show off the narrator.
  7. Turn off The Narrator
  8. So, press the Menu Button at the controller to show off the narrator.
  9. Xbox Controller Menu Button
  10. The narrator ought to now be became off.

If the narrator is still enabled, move onto the method below.

Method 2: Turn Off Using Voice Commands

The 2d approach uses voice instructions to show off the Narrator feature. You want to have voice instructions became on, and additionally want a applicable tool which helps voice instructions (e.g. Headset, Kinect).

  1. There are exclusive approaches to disable the narrator function the use of voice command.
  2. For instance, in case you have Kinect, and its already connected, you then definately say the subsequent command:
"Xbox, Turn Off Narrator"
  1. Incase of Cortana you don’t want any outside device. The Cortana voice assistant simply wishes to be enabled. You can permit Cortana through Settings > System > Cortana Settings.
  2. After enabling Cortana, say the subsequent command:
"Hey Cortana, Turn Narrator Off"
  1. You also can use Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant to show off the narrator. However, each of those require outside peripherals for usage. Like for Alexa, you’ll want Amazon’s Echo speaker.
  2. To allow Alex or Google Assistant, pass to Settings Kinect & Devices > Digital Assistants.
  3. Enable Digital Assistants
  4. Then enable Digital Assistants and setup tool accordingly.

Method 3: Turn off through the System Settings Menu

The third method to close the Narrator involves using the settings menu. This method takes the longest compared to the above two.

  1. Firstly, flip on your console and login in your Xbox Live account.
  2. Press the Xbox Home Button for your controller. It will open the Guide.
  3. Scroll and select the Gear icon denoting Settings.
  4. Settings Icon
  5. Then choose All Settings.
  6. Next, select the Ease of Access option from the left sidebar.
  7. Ease Of Access Option
  8. Click Narrator option.
  9. Narrator Settings
  10. Afterward, toggle the Narrator to off.
  11. Xbox Narrator Settings
  12. That’s it. The narrator should now be turned off.

Method 4: Custom Fix For Movies & TV App

This is a custom fix suggested by a user. It’s only applicable for cases where the Narrator automatically turns on when watching a movie/video.

PRO TIP: If the difficulty is together along with your laptop or a laptop/pocket book you need to attempt the use of Restore Repair which could experiment the repositories and update corrupt and lacking files. This works in maximum cases, in which the difficulty is originated because of a machine corruption. You can down load Restore by Clicking Here

Xbox Movies and TV App

  1. When gambling a movie/video customers usually visit the Closed Caption (CC) menu. There isn’t anyt any seen choice to show off the narrator there. You will simply locate one-of-a-kind variations of the narrator.
  2. However, there’s a manner to show off the narrator. Select the little narration sign. Then in the Audio section, you’ll want to select one of the alternatives that don’t at once say Narration.
  3. The choice is usually labelled as ‘Primary – English – Dolby Audio – 6 Channel‘. This choice should flip off the narrator.

Move onto the closing technique if this didn’t paintings for you.

Method 5: Factory Restore/ Reset Xbox

If not one of the above answers labored then resetting your Xbox ought to resolve the computer virus of Narrator now no longer turning off. There are approaches to reset your Xbox. You can both do it routinely or manually. Follow the stairs under to reset your console.

 Automatic Reset

  1. For automatic reset, first, turn on your console and login.
  2. From the home screen, click on your Profile appearing on the top left corner.
  3. Then go across to where it says Settings.
  4. Settings Icon
  5. Now select System and then select Console info.
  6. Console Info
  7. Next select Reset console option.
  8. Lastly, select ‘Reset & keep games and apps’ option. You should always select this option if you don’t want to lose your game data. It will only reset your Xbox by delete and replace the corrupted files.
  9. Your Xbox will now reset.

Manual Reset

  1. You can manually reset your Xbox using Xbox Startup Troubleshooter.
  2. For manual reset, first, turn off the console completely. Also, remove the power cable.
  3. Wait for about 30 seconds after removing the cable. Then plug it back in.
  4. Next, press and hold the Pair and the Eject button on the console for 15 seconds. Afterward, press the Xbox button.
  5. Eject and Pair Button
  6. When you are holding the buttons, you will hear two sounds a few seconds apart.
  7. Release the Pair and Eject buttons after the second sound.
  8. The console will power up and take you to the Troubleshooter.
  9. From the troubleshooter, select Reset this Xbox option.
  10. Reset Your Xbox
  11. After clicking ‘Reset this Xbox’ button, select Keep games and apps.
  12. You will be returned to the home screen after reset. Check if the Narrator is still enabled.

If all of these solutions did not resolve your issue then it’s probably a bug with Xbox software. You can report it to Microsoft and hopefully, it will be resolved in the upcoming updates.


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