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The Day Before Money Glitch – 3 Methods


The Day Before Money Glitch

The day before game has just launched in the market now for players, and it is now a moment of celebrations for those who have been waiting. The day before was released on 7th, December 2023 by Mytona Fntastic Publishers. In this article we will talk about the Day Before Money Glitch and What are three different methods that you can get infinite money and their possibility of getting.

Since the game is in Beta version so there might be some glitche and you can take advantage of those glitches.

We will be sharing here some of the methods shown on social platforms by players.

1st Method – The Day Before Money Glitch

Let’s talk about the first method to get money in The Day Before.

The very first method is simple and you can repeat over and over again to get more money. To Get money you need to add items in your backpack like bullets, coins and other stuff from your inventory. Then you need to go to trade shop and just trade the items what are in your backpack. You can also watch video given here to get a more clear idea of the day before money glitch.

2nd Method – The Day Before Money Glitch

You can make money easily by exploiting a duplication glitch in a game. First You need to find stacks of money inside raids and cash registers/ Then Split the money into singles and sell them to traders.

Now, when you will make a purchase you will observe duplication of stacks.

You can repeat this process to make more money.

Here is the video tutorial of this money glitch.

3rd Method – The Day Before Money Glitch

Third and last method to make money can be done by using a backpack. You need to have two backpacks for this, then buy expensive bullets in a store and duplicate them by dragging all of them into one backpack. That’s it. Now sell these items to make more money. You can repeat this process to make as much as money you want.


Try methods that are given above, do not opt for hacking or unethical ways to get more money. You may get suspended if you try so.

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