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Age Of Wonders 4 – How to Get Imperium


Age of Wonders 4 uses various techniques to entice players to expand their borders and capture new cities. For instance, Mana is used to buy new spells and keep the existing ones, Gold is used to pay for building supplies and upkeep of units, and Research gives players access to new spells and tomes. However, none of the resources are as precious or challenging to get as Imperium.

Imperium gives players continuous advantages for their empires, creates new opportunities for empire expansion, and even pays for some of the greatest troops on the market. Read this post to find out how to get imperium in Age of Wonders 4:

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How to Get Imperium

Each side has +40 Imperium income at the beginning of the game. This originates from the capital city’s Throne structure, which also grants the city +20 Fortification, +60 Knowledge, +120 Gold, and +20 Mana. By constructing each level of the Wizard Tower, players can also earn an additional +5 Imperium, for a total of +20.

But other towns inside the empire produce no Imperium by themselves. As an alternative, annexing Ancient Wonders or the Magical Material known as Rainbow Clover is the sole option to obtain further Imperium.

Age Of Wonders 4 - How to Get Imperium

Regardless of its rarity or value, every Ancient Wonder grants +5 Imperium, and every Rainbow Clover also grants +5 Imperium. To receive these perks, players must possess the province; however, outposts are sufficient to obtain a worldwide resource such as Imperium.

How to Increase The City Cap With Imperium

Typically, each campaign begins with a city for the player to begin with, with the chance to acquire two more before reaching the cap. This rule does have one exception, but we’ll get to that a little later. With how simple it is to obtain new cities, reaching the cap after a few dozen turns is not unusual. It’s time to look at the Empire Development tree if you want to continue growing even after that.

One of the seven branches that make up the Empire Development tree has broad skills that you can use without needing any specific affinities. You can raise your city cap by one by using a talent called Expanded Governance, which is available here. The ability unlocks rather early, at turn fifteen or so, and costs 200 Imperium to use.

Age Of Wonders 4 - How to Get Imperium

Expanded Governance is a recurring skill that you can invest in as often as you’d want, which is wonderful. The bad news is that raising the cap causes the Imperium cost to grow considerably. At some point, paying the gold penalty instead makes more sense because Imperium has a higher value and is more versatile. However, it’s a wise investment to use it to raise the city cap by one or two.

The Empire Development Tree

In Age of Wonders 4, purchasing talents and rituals from the Empire Development Tree—which can be accessed by pressing the large green button directly beneath the Imperium counter in the upper-left corner—is the most popular way for players to spend Imperium. By raising their affinity scores, players can obtain new tomes for each affinity, which opens up skills on the Affinity branches.

Age Of Wonders 4 - How to Get Imperium

Not every skill in the skill tree will be explained in detail in this guide. Players can always determine what each skill performs for themselves, as many of them are limited to specific scenarios and places. Nonetheless, there are a few generally beneficial abilities that gamers ought to acquire whenever they get the chance:

  • Expanded Governance: Every time players select this General Empire ritual, one is added to the city cap. But every time, the Imperium cost also increases.
  • Teleporter Infrastructure: This general skill can significantly reduce army travel times by enabling teleporters and related province upgrades.
  • Soiltenders: With this Nature skill, farms can earn twice as much food—from five to ten.
  • Wild Expansion: Every province that is annexed will create a new Animal unit thanks to this Nature skill. Tier 3 and Tier 4 units may be among these creatures.
  • Casting Reserves: This Astral skill only costs 10 Astral Affinity and 50 Imperium to purchase, and it adds +20 Combat Casting Points and World Map Casting Points.
  • The Chaos skill Lure of the Horde has a 50% chance of generating a tier 1 or 2 unit next to an army that has won.
  • Military Engineering: With this Materium skill, new outposts receive a free Palisade that compels adversaries to siege them even while they are empty, and the outpost cost is reduced to 25 gold and 1 turn.
  • Metropolitan Society: If a city borders the Throne city, all city incomes are increased by 10% thanks to this Materium skill.


What are combat casting points in Age of Wonders 4?

The points on the strategic map and the combat casting points are always the same. AND they reload every time you initiate a fight. You will have 260 points in every battle on the same turn and beyond if you have 260.

What are the resources in Age of Wonders 4?

As everyone knows, our primary source of income is typically found in cities. For unit production, gold, draught, and mana are employed; for city development, gold, production, food, Imperium, and sometimes mana are required. Every turn, imperium, gold, and mana are also used for maintaining units.

What is flanking in Age of Wonders 4?

In Age of Wonders 4, flanking is a potent manoeuvre, much like in real combat. Attacks that deliver an additional 25% damage and originate from the side or behind that unit are classified as flanking.

How do you get stronger units in Age of Wonders 4?

Many high-tier units are available to players, but they have to be earned via annexing ancient wonders or studying them through tomes.

What is a ruthless Raider in Age of Wonders 4?

For those who choose to employ an aggressive, military-style expansion plan, ruthless raiders are the ideal social feature. They are disruptive and unsettling. They don’t care whether anything is right or bad because of their -10 evil alignment. They are more interested in killing without feeling sympathy and robbing and pillaging enemy cities and outposts.