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The security patch for the Galaxy A71 and the Galaxy A Quantum will be released in June 2023


Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A Quantum, two of Samsung’s premium mid-range smartphones, have received the company’s latest security update. In Europe, the Galaxy A71 will receive the security upgrade for June 2023, while in Samsung’s own nation, the Galaxy A Quantum will receive the most recent security update. The Galaxy A Quantum is the more secure of the two phones. Firmware version A715FXXUADWE1 is included in the most recent software update for the Galaxy A71, and it is currently available for purchase in Poland. In South Korea, the Galaxy A Quantum is receiving the latest update, which brings the device’s software up to version A716SKSU6FWF2.

The new upgrades for both phones include the security patch for June 2023, which addresses over 50 different vulnerabilities discovered in Galaxy phones and tablets.  These devices will not receive any new features or enhancements to their performance due to the updates. You may now check for the new update if you own a Galaxy A71 in Europe or a Galaxy A Quantum in South Korea and have either of those devices. To accomplish this, go to the Settings menu and select Software update. From there, select Download and install. You also have the option to manually flash the updated firmware after manually downloading it from our database of the firmware.

A Windows-based computer and the Odin software developed by Samsung are required to complete the operation. Android 10 was preinstalled on the Galaxy A71 when Samsung first introduced it in the beginning of 2019, and the company went on to deliver Android 11 in the beginning of 2020, Android 12 at the end of 2021, and Android 13 in the end of 2022. Early in 2020, Samsung introduced the Galaxy A Quantum, which came preloaded with Android 10. The Android 11 update was applied to the phone in the beginning of 2021, the Android 12 update in the beginning of 2022, and the Android 13 update was applied earlier this year.