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Top Dirt Roads to Ride Your Motorcycle in New Jersey


Dirt Bike

When you’re looking for the perfect place to go riding with your motorcycle, New Jersey has some of the best dirt roads in the country. This is because it’s one of the most densely populated states, and there are plenty of hills, valleys, fields, and wooded areas that make great routes for motorcycles. Let’s discover 10 different dirt roads worth checking out if you live in or near New Jersey and searching for a new adventure.

Where Can You Legally Ride A Dirt Bike In NJ?

If you’re up for some exhilarating off-road motorcycle riding, you’ll want to check out some of the best dirt roads in New Jersey. However, there are a few things you should know before hitting the trails. First and foremost, it’s important to remember that motorcycles aren’t allowed on all public roads in NJ – they’re only legal on those designated as “dirt roads.

What Is A Dirt Road?

This term is used to describe a public road that’s not maintained and other paved roads. The gravel and dirt you see on the sides of these roads might be bumpy, loose, or even covered in sizable rocks — this can make for an uncomfortable ride if your motorcycle isn’t equipped for it. However, if you’re looking for a more challenging and off-the-beaten-path ride, dirt roads provide the perfect opportunity.

What Kind of Motorcycle Can I Ride-on Dirt Roads?

Most street-legal motorcycles can be ridden on dirt roads in NJ as long as they have an “off-road” designation. In most cases, this means a bike with knobby tires and larger-diameter rims. This designation may also apply to dual sport motorcycles – these are street-legal bikes that can be easily converted from being on the road to off-roading in just minutes, thanks to some quick adjustments.

What Do I Need To Know About Dirt Roads?

Before you take your motorcycle out on a dirt road, it’s essential to be aware of the risks. As mentioned earlier, these roads can be bumpy and covered in loose gravel or rocks – which can easily cause you to lose control of your bike. There’s also the possibility that you could get stuck in a ditch or rut if you’re not careful.

It’s also important to be aware of the weather conditions before venturing out on a dirt road ride. Wet, muddy, or icy conditions can make these roads extremely dangerous – so it’s best to avoid them altogether if possible. Speaking with an NJ car accident lawyer can help you better understand your rights after an injury to ensure you’re fairly compensated.

Finally, always bring plenty of water and snacks with you when riding your motorcycle on dirt roads. These roads can be long and strenuous, so you’ll want to make sure you’re well-prepared for the journey.

The Ten Best Dirt Roads To Ride Your Motorcycle In NJ:

1.    Oldwick Rd. – Tewksbury, NJ

This dirt road is perfect for beginner and experienced riders alike. It’s well-maintained with a few small hills and plenty of twists and turns to keep you entertained.

2.    Dumont Rd. – Butler, NJ

If you’re looking for a more challenging ride, Dumont Rd. is the perfect choice for you. This dirt road is filled with large rocks and deep ruts – so it’s best suited to more experienced riders who can handle some bumps along the way.

3.    Old Mine Road – West Milford, NJ

This hiking trail contains a few different dirt roads that are great for motorcycle riding. While they’re accessible to vehicles, the Old Mine Rd. is much more challenging – with large rocks and deep ruts throughout.

4.    Mt Rose Ave – Belvidere NJ

This dirt road provides an exciting challenge for riders up for it! You’ll often find yourself riding across steep hills that lead you down into small valleys. There are also a few creek crossings, so be prepared for some wet conditions.

5.    Central Jersey Greenway – Various Locations

This dirt road is perfect for those who want to take a leisurely ride through the countryside. The Central Jersey Greenway contains several different trails that wind through forests and open fields. There’s even a section that goes along the Delaware River.

6.    Clinton Rd – Wantage, NJ

If you’re looking for a dirt road with hills, Clinton Rd. is perfect for you! This route contains some of the steepest roads in NJ, making it more challenging to ride your motorcycle.

7.    High Point State Park – Sussex, NJ

If you’re looking for some beautiful scenery to ride through, High Point State Park is the perfect destination. This park contains several dirt roads that wind through forests and open fields.

8.    Norvin Green – West Milford, NJ

This mountain biking trail is filled with challenging hills and narrow pathways. It’s best suited for experienced riders who are comfortable navigating around rocks and tree roots.

9.    Mountain Rd. – Vernon, NJ

This dirt road is perfect for those looking to get out of town and ride through some beautiful scenery! It’s filled with hills that lead down into rocky valleys – so it’s best suited for more experienced riders. Be prepared to encounter a few deep ruts along the way too.

10. Limecrest Rd. – Sparta, NJ

This dirt road is filled with twisty climbs and descents that will keep you entertained for hours! It’s perfect for experienced riders who want to take their bike out on a new challenge. Some large rocks are placed throughout the road, so be prepared to encounter them.

Can I Drive A Motorcycle With A Car License?

No, you cannot drive a motorcycle with just a car license. If you only have an automobile driver’s license or learner permit, it will not allow you to operate any bike on the road in New Jersey.

You must obtain either one of two types of special permits to ride your scooter or motorbike around the state legally: a motorcycle endorsement or a motorcycle learner permit. The former is only available to those who have passed a state-approved motorcycle safety course, while the latter can be obtained by any rider over 18.

Final Words

Motorcycle riding can be a ton of fun, but it’s essential to make sure you’re doing so safely. Be sure to check out our other blog posts for more information on riding in New Jersey, and always remember to wear your helmet. Getting in touch with a lawyer is also a good idea if you’ve been involved in an accident.