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Toyota Is Leading the US Market. Where to Buy One?


Toyota’s ability to better handle its supply chain problems helped it knock GM from the top-selling automaker spot in the United States marking the first time a foreign manufacturer was able to capture the coveted number one spot. Toyota’s sales were up over 10 percent, whereas GM’s were down 12 percent. While the difference between the two manufacturers was slightly more than 100,000 vehicle sales, the fact that GM could not get their cars to the dealerships while Toyota could made a difference to the consumer.

GM has had the title of number one since 1931, so Toyota’s feat was no small one. Toyota saw a drop in sales for their Tundra pickup trucks but saw an increase in the Tacoma sales of 5.7 percent. The chip shortage hurt the Silverado numbers by over 10 percent, but Toyota was unaffected by the chip shortage.

If you are wondering where you might find a Toyota, there are numerous places to shop for a Toyota, including car auctions like ABetter.Bid auction. ABB car auction has many vehicles to choose from, including Toyotas, from dealerships, banks and more.

Here are some places where you can find good deals on used vehicles:

Car Dealers

The first place most people think to look for a Toyota might be a Toyota car dealer. Because Toyota was able to get cars to the dealers, this is a good place to start. However, your choices will be limited to what is available in your area.

The prices of used cars have risen considerably since the pandemic, so many of the trade-ins are priced more than normal. It will be hard to find cheap cars on the dealership lots. If you want to save money, you might consider looking for your Toyota at a car auction.

Car Auction

Since a car auction runs a lot of cars through their doors, the chance of finding the Toyota you want is good. Dealerships take their older used cars to the auctions all of the time, as do banks, insurance companies and government agencies. There are many more cars available for purchase than at the dealership.

There are a lot of popular car auctions that are televised like Mecum and Barrett Jackson. They specialize in exotic and classic cars.

Online Car Auction

To make things easy for people to buy cars, trucks and motorcycles, there are several car auctions online. You look through the list of vehicles headed for auction and place the bid online. The cars and bids move fast, so be ready to buy when you find the Toyota you want.

Some of the vehicles available at online car auctions can include junk cars for parts, salvage title vehicles that may need a little work, and clean title cars that need no work. These cars can come from places like car dealers, finance companies, insurance companies and even government agencies.

Some popular online auctions include names like SCA, IAAI, Direct Auto, Capital auto auction and Manheim.

Classified Ads

There are many online publications and classified ad sections like Craigslist where you can look for your new Toyota. eBay has a motors section where you can find used vehicles from individual sellers, and most newspapers still have a classified section with cars and trucks for sale.  The ads are placed by individuals, businesses and even car dealers, so there are a variety of vehicles to choose from.

This can be a competitive place to shop since all of the good deals do not stay on the website long. You might even have to compete with used car dealerships looking for a good deal on a car to add to their car lots.

Another thing to consider is whether you want to shop outside of your area and have the vehicle trucked to your home.

Here are some online car auctions where you will find a variety of vehicles for sale:


ABetter.Bid auction is a Copart broker that offers over 300,000 plus vehicles for sale daily and is 100 percent online. Their auctions feature all types of vehicles including motorcycles, boats and SUVs in clean, wrecked, salvageable and repairable conditions from banks, dealerships, finance companies and more. No dealer license is required to bid and buy.


For over 32 years, the Richmond Auto Auction has run weekly vehicle auctions. They run every Friday night in Richmond, VA, and vehicles are updated online daily. They are open to the public and offer online bidding.


McCormick’s Classic Cars is a family-owned and –operated classic car auction in Palm Springs, CA that holds two classic car auctions a year featuring over 500 Exotic and Classic cars. They have been in business for over 35 years and when not hosting auctions, they operate a classic car showroom in Palm Springs.


America’s Auto Auction merged with XLerate Group and now is the home to 39 auction sites across 18 states. They specialize in vehicles from banks and dealerships, and their inventory includes boats and RVs.


As you can see, there are numerous places to shop for your Toyota. If you do not see the vehicle you want, be sure to check back every week, as most auctions move a lot of vehicles, so the inventory is always changing.