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US Galaxy S23 users will receive a safety patch in September 2023.


The safety update for September 2023 was just released by Samsung yesterday, and users of devices in the Galaxy S23 series can immediately download it. The most recent safety update is being sent across the United States to the variants of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series of phones exclusive to particular wireless service providers. The most recent software update for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra in the United States includes the firmware version S91xUSQS1AWHD. This update was released on April 10, 2019. This update is not accessible for other devices besides those that are carrier-locked.

The software patch is being sent over the Verizon network in the United States as part of the rollout process. Likely, subsequent updates will also be made accessible on other carriers’ networks later. In the literature that Samsung has made available, it is stated that the security patch that was made available in September 2023 fixes 62 vulnerabilities that were detected in the prior version of the software.

From the firmware version, it appears that the update gives the newly published security patch and nothing else. This is the only benefit that the update offers. As a result, it is not reasonable for you to anticipate that the new software update would bring any additional features or changes to the program’s functionality. If you are currently residing in the United States and have a carrier-locked Galaxy S23 series phone, you are now able to check to see if the most recent update is available for your device.

To accomplish this, access the Settings menu on your device and then pick Software update from the list of options. Choose the download and installation option from that menu. The firmware can only be downloaded and flashed onto a device using a computer that runs the Windows operating system and has the Odin application installed. You can do so as soon as the firmware is uploaded to our database and made available to users.