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Ways to Increase the Efficiency of your Investments


Buying low and selling high is an approach that many traders use to accumulate wealth. But there are better strategies than this that experts use to become successful investors. Smart investors implement effective strategies to position their funds in multiple channels. This approach allows their money to generate returns on several investment assets. In a nutshell, investing means to put out money in order to gain profit. 

Investing in stocks is a proven method of allowing your funds to multiply. It is advisable to invest your money wisely and regularly for it to grow gradually. That is why it is imperative to learn how to start investing in stocks as early as possible. Besides buying stocks in a company like DotBig CFD trader, forex trading is a great opportunity for novice traders. 

In this article, we discuss valuable ways you can enhance the performance of your investments to attain financial success. 

First Steps in Investment 

One vital principle of investing for beginners is that the venture involves risks. So, you need to understand your financial limits by setting realistic ROI goals. 

We have outlined simple steps below to guide you before investing. 

1. Define Your Risk Tolerance

The first step is to determine your risk tolerance. Whether stocks or forex trading. You must understand that you can lose huge amounts of funds while investing. So, ensure you know the categories of stocks, for instance, large capitalization, small-cap, value, or growth stocks. Each category has different risk levels. Therefore, defining your risk tolerance will help you choose the right investment strategy. Besides, you will know the right assets to invest future profits in to generate more money.

2. Outline Your Investment Goals

What are your investment goals? When opening a brokerage account like a top-rated broker like DotBig Company, you must present your investment goals and the risk level you can tolerate. 

If you are a newbie, your primary goal could be to grow your money. But seasoned traders might want to diversify and accumulate more wealth. Moreover, other goals could be financing a mortgage, saving college fees, or retirement. Keep in mind that your goals might change over time. So you can keep reviewing your investment goals regularly. 

3. Determine Your Investing Style

It is important to understand the investment style you want to adopt. Some traders want to manage and monitor their transactions, while others prefer automated investment brokers. 

The DotBig trading platform allows you to trade stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds. You can also use an online broker like DotBig CFD trader to invest in various assets. Thus, experienced investors with confidence and diverse market knowledge often prefer to become active traders. 

Besides, trusted online brokers will help you begin the process of how to start investing, making the right decisions, and finding ways to grow your portfolio. It is a great option for newbies who want to learn how to invest in stocks.

Lastly, the automated investing style allows the online broker platform to invest for you. You must provide your risk tolerance level, goals, and other crucial details. 

4. Select Your Investment Account 

Once you have the above steps in order, you can now choose an investment account. Here are a few options that might result in stock-increasing opportunities.

  • Retirement plan. This account involves investing stocks or mutual funds in a retirement plan like 401(k) in the USA. Such accounts are advantageous since the company will match your contributions, and your account will grow immensely over time. You can also invest in your employer’s shares if the company offers such an option. 
  • IRA account. This general investment account allows traders to invest in multiple assets, including stocks and bonds. 
  • Robo-advisor account. This is an online platform like DotBig forex broker that offers automated trades on behalf of the client. 


5. Diversify Your Portfolio

Many traders often wonder, ‘what stocks will make me rich?’ It is imperative to research the market before diversifying your portfolio. Diversification will allow you to make more money through profitable assets. Besides, it will reduce the risk of volatile trades. 

The best options for diversification are ETFs and mutual funds. These funds allow multiple investments, which is great for growing your portfolio. 

Investment Expenses 

When you want to invest, there are certain expenses you must pay for smooth trading. The expenses facilitate tax collection, managing, monitoring, and maintaining your investments. 

Investment Expenses 
Stocks  From $2 -$10, depending on the broker
Mutual Funds 0.05%-2% annually (MER)
Cryptocurrency 0%-1.5% per trade
IRA $5-$20


Train Your Investment Skills with Stock Market Simulators 

Many newbies don’t know how to increase money by investing. One effective way is to start practicing your investment skills with demo accounts. In addition, many online brokers allow beginners to understand how to invest in stocks with the help of stock market simulators. 

It is essential to use the demo account if you are unsure about your trading skills. Over time, you will understand the market and start transacting real funds. 

Price Action Strategies 

Traders should use tried and tested investment strategies to avoid losses. But it is also good to try new approaches like price action strategies. Price action is an approach that focuses on predicting the movement of assets in the market. Traders can analyze the market and how certain assets perform before predicting the next trade. It could be a commodity, currency, stock, or other trading instrument. 

Price action is popular in the market because it offers high liquidity. Besides, this approach is great for beginners who want to start with small trades before becoming experts. Traders can also identify recurring patterns and implement the predictions on their next trades. 


Investing in stocks requires a well-planned strategy to win big in the market. Preparing will help you protect your investments and avoid losing your money. It is essential to undergo training to educate yourself about the stock market and trading assets. 

Furthermore, you can consult leading brokers like DotBig CFD trader to get valuable insights before making huge trading moves. 


How much should I invest in stocks as a newbie? 

As a newbie, you can start with $500-$1,000, depending on the stocks you want to buy.

How to open a brokerage account? 

Choose a reliable brokerage account, check the account features and begin the application process. Ensure you pick a broker that suits your needs with reasonable trading fees within your budget. After a successful process, fund your account and begin trading

What are the popular investment strategies? 

The common investment strategies include buy and hold, dividend, small-cap, momentum, growth, and value investing.