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What are the basics required for an Azure Architect?


As an “Intelligent Cloud” organization, Microsoft Azure has risen by 23 percent to $15.1 billion, according to the sales statistics published by Microsoft. As more and more organizations embrace IT infrastructure based on Microsoft’s cloud platform, the need for Azure specialists will also increase. The demand for cloud architects will grow exponentially, opening up more than 12,000 new opportunities each year until 2024. Choosing the best azure architect course and becoming certified as an Azure architect might be an excellent chance at this moment.

Who is an Azure Architect?

Microsoft Azure is the fastest expanding cloud service provider in the world, according to a recent report. Azure is only behind AWS in terms of overall revenue, but it is expanding quicker than the rest. Azure Architect (also called Azure Solutions Architect) is a Cloud Architect who creates solutions for Microsoft Azure Cloud.

The individual will have at least ten years of expertise in creating and managing software solutions. The architect understands each aspect of the software project life cycle, team responsibilities, management, and specific technical implementation. In addition, the architect should have a solid understanding of the following: virtualization, networking; storage; processing; identity; security, backup, data management, budgeting, and planning, and governance. Azure Architects are often skilled in Azure administration, testing, development, and DevOps.

Why become an Azure Architect?

A cloud architect can pick their major platform from several different cloud computing platforms. Why should you become a Microsoft Azure Architect, then? As a result of the worldwide pandemic of 2020 and the mass migration to online IT infrastructure, Microsoft Azure’s popularity is expected to rise rapidly. As Azure grows in popularity, the need for Azure architects in the industry is also increasing rapidly.

Microsoft Azure is one of the most reasonably priced, readily scalable, and effective cloud service providers. In addition to its rising popularity, this is also a contributing factor to the growing demand for Azure architects.

Azure certifications can significantly enhance your employability together with a standard degree. A professional CV with these qualifications will be more credible and offer value to your career path. There are many exciting job prospects in this sector if you look at Azure architect trends throughout the world in the previous five years.

It’s time to scale the potential for better candidate selection

Education and experience will give you a boost in the industry. But to maximize your potential as a better candidate, you must continually work hard. As an Azure architect, you’ll need to develop the following skills:

  • Extensive experience in scaling your application

A skilled Azure architect constantly focuses on resource effectiveness. As long as they can design and develop an application with little resources, you may significantly lower the overall cost of resource allocation.

Microsoft Azure provides various services, and an ideal Azure architect has a firm grasp of picking the right services for their projects. When it comes to these services, they should be sufficiently knowledgeable to make the appropriate option depending on the client’s needs.

  • As an azure architect, you must possess the following skills:
  • Infrastructure and Operations experience as well as cloud network infrastructure knowledge in Azure.
  • Knowledge of cloud infrastructure solutions is a must.
  • IT infrastructure design techniques, data center designs, and automation are among the required skills.
  • Experience in developing a cloud governance plan, establishing best cloud practices and processes, and implementing them.
  • Enterprise & technical architecture design experience is a plus.
  • Good communication skills
  • The ability to understand Scrum or Agile development and DevOps team efforts
  • Creative problem solving, design, and testing skills
  • Azure Solution Architect (AZ 300) certification (Preferred)


Azure Architects should have the following skills:


Core skills: Every job profile has specific necessary abilities to characterize a person’s capability to carry out a project. A few of the most fundamental skills required are listed below.

  • Basic understanding of programming languages like Ruby, Python, and Elixir
  • Communication skills
  • An IT engineering background or similar
  • Good writing verbal communication 
  • Ability to design and execute Azure cloud architecture


Advanced skills

  • Knowledge of diverse IT ecosystems
  • Earning Azure-based certifications to improve your skills
  • Grasp of various tools
  • Good knowledge of computers and telecommunications systems
  • Knowledge of programming and coding languages
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Azure’s network and security system
  • Knowledge of API management

Microsoft Azure Architects should continually strive to improve their knowledge of Microsoft Azure in addition to these targeted skills. Learn about the cloud infrastructure and its operation as well. As a result, you’ll need to become well-versed in Azure’s cloud infrastructure solutions, including PaaS, BCDR, OSS, IaaS, and Infra. Also, brush up on your knowledge of Azure infrastructure design methodologies, as well as cloud computing in general.

How to become an Azure Architect

It’s possible that you’d like to become an Azure Architect if you’re a software architect with a strong understanding of Azure and have already created, deployed, or managed apps and services on Azure.

A Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert requires passing two tests. Microsoft Azure Solution architects are expected to be knowledgeable in computing, networking, storage, and security so that they can build solutions that operate on Azure’s infrastructure.

Exam AZ-300 and Exam AZ-301 are the two tests you need to take. Candidates for this test are Azure Solution Architects who advise stakeholders and transform business needs into safe, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. 

Concluding words

Azure Architect is the topmost in-demand IT profession. Salaries for Cloud Architects are anticipated to increase by 88 percent. The Cloud Architect’s annual salary is over $155,000. Whether you’re starting with Azure or transitioning from another cloud provider, Microsoft Azure certifications are a fantastic way to demonstrate your cloud skills. Apart from the value, it brings value to your employer and your career path. You can earn all Azure certifications remotely, so you can get certified while working from home.

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