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Hogwarts Legacy – All Hogsmeade Demiguise Statues


Setting Off Players can learn Alohomora through the Caretaker’s Lunar Lament task in Hogwarts Legacy. All closed doors and passageways the protagonist has encountered in the game can be unlocked with the Spell. Though you should be aware that you can only find the thirty Demiguise statues in Hogwarts Legacy during night. The following article will outline the locations of all the Hogsmeade Demiguise monuments in the Hogwarts Legacy:

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Why are Demiguise Statues Important?

In Hogwarts Legacy, demiguise statues let you enhance your unlocking powers, which means that your Alohamora spell can now open more complicated locks, including as tier two and tier three locks. You must go back to Professor Gladwin Moon and turn in as many Demiguise statues as you have so that the professor can enhance the Alohamora magic.

Simply put, you’ll be able to open more locks, granting you access to more gear and treasure. Having said that, I’ve discovered that the gear and treasure you find in these more difficult to open chests aren’t always superior to those found in level one chests. Thus, even though it’s good to be able to open these more difficult chests, this doesn’t guarantee that the treasure you find within will be of higher quality or rarity.

What do You do with Demiguise Statues?

The statues have an appearance of demiguises clutching moons. They are only collectible in the evenings because they are only seen at night. With the assistance of Gladwin Moon, the Caretaker, players can enhance their Alohomora Spell in Hogwarts Legacy by locating the Demiguise Statues.

All Hogsmeade Demiguise Statues Location

There are nine Demiguise statues in Hogsmeade altogether. This is a list of the seven Demiguise statues that we were able to locate in Hogsmeade.

Hogwarts Legacy - All Hogsmeade Demiguise Statues

Locate every Hogsmeade Demiguise Statue:

House northwest to the Three Broomsticks – You can find the first Demiguise statue by going up the stairs after you’ve unlocked the lock.

Hog’s Head – The Demiguise statue will be located in the room behind the bartender, on the countertop.

Tomes and Scrolls – The next Demiguise statue may be found on the nightstand next to the bed in the room behind the store.

Attic room in the Three Broomsticks – Ascend to the room at the top of the structure after entering the Three Broomsticks. Once the room is unlocked, a statue of Demiguise can be found inside.

House north of J. Pippin’s Potions – For this to work, level two Alohamora must be unlocked.

House south north of Brood and Peck – A statue of Demiguise is positioned on the fireplace in the house indicated on the above map if you unlock it.

Gladrags Wizard Wear – As you enter Gladrags Wizard Gear, there’s another Demiguise statue on the counter to your right.

House east of Honeydukes – You may find this Demiguise in a home to the east of Honeydukes. You may notice it on the tiny table as soon as you enter the house after using Alohamora to unlock it.

House south of Olivander’s – You must first obtain Alohamora’s second rank in order to obtain this Demiguise. The final Hogsmeade Demiguise statue may be found on the dresser after you unlock the home and ascend the stairs.


Do you need all the Demiguise in Hogwarts Legacy?

Finding the Demiguise Moons, which are strewn around the Hogwarts Legacy universe, can be a real pain. You’ll need to bring in every one of the thirty of them if you want the accomplishment for doing so.

How do you remove Demiguise statues in Hogwarts Legacy?

Waiting until nightfall is the key to removing the Demiguise Moon on the sculptures. Don’t worry about waiting around till it becomes dark; there is a way to modify the time of day.

How many graphorn can you get in Hogwarts Legacy?

With only one Graphorn Den and only one creature that can spawn at a time—assuming you can make any spawn at all—it’s one of the rarer monsters in the game.

How do you unlock prefects bathroom in Hogwarts Legacy?

Prefect’s Bathroom – Hogwarts South Wing Field Guide Page. Situated off the South Wing of the Grand Staircase, it is at the top of the Faculty Tower in the Hospital Wing. To get past closed doors, you must first activate the Alohomora magic, which you can obtain by finishing The First Trial quest.

Why do things glow blue in Hogwarts Legacy?

Upon first game launch, a plethora of accessibility options will be shown to you, some of which may not be immediately apparent. In the event that your characters became blue, it is likely that you inadvertently activated the “High-Contrast Gameplay” preset in the settings.