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Why Coding is Crucial for Your Kids?


Kids coding

In this digitally dominated world, coding is a great addition in anyone’s skills. No matter you are a child or an adult, if you know coding, it is surely a good trait for you. Of course, kids must learn coding to enhance their scope and future.

Quite often, your kids are only exposed to the end-user area of technology. Most of the kids watch YouTube, play video games, play on their cell phones, and download music from Alexa, but what in case you could teach your children to create new technology that is going to catapult them into digital old age with convenience? Of course, you must think about Kids coding and introduce them to the world of coding.

Is Coding Important for Kids?

There was a time when coding was a skill that only the highly technical might achieve , today it is a competency that can be learnt by all and fetches with it a wealth of both personal and academic perks.

Higher Confidence

Have you ever tried turning it off and turning it back on again? Most of you don’t know the first thing about what makes your laptops, smartphone, or video games work.  But by giving the children a technological based education you can give them the confidence to start out into the workplace feeling well equipped.

Just by learning the basics of coding can fundamentally change the manner in which children interact with technology. Coding empowers kids to not just consume digital media and technology, but it even encourage them to create it.

Boost Creativity

It is true that computer coding sounds technical, it does need some sort of creativity, and is a lot of enjoyment and fun. In case children know how to code, then they can easily develop apps, video games, websites and even that of more, as they see their coding come to life. Moreover,  they can learn things in a creative manner that are otherwise tough by nature.  Hence, you would be sure that your kids are not just learning something tactful but also attaining creative skills.

Logical rationalisation

Of course, you would never want that your kids stay behind when it comes to logical things or rationalisation right? Most of the children , when equipped with the knowledge and know-how, possess the abilities to master computer coding. You know computer coding is one thing that includes using the more rational (left-hand) side of the brain, which gets used for linear thinking, sequencing and even that of applying logic to most of the conditions. Kids , however, mainly use the right-hand side of their brain so as to solve problems via their imagination, visualisation and even intuition.

So as to programme a computer, you require to be able to relay a proper structured set of instructions and break down problems in a systematic way. Hence , coding imparts and inspires children to view the world in a different manner.


So, whether Cue Math, coding, or anything else, it is important that your children learn things that are crucial for them to survive and thrive in this digital world.

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