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Working With A Team: Use GogoPDF For Your Project



It’s always nice to team up or collaborate with like-minded people for a big project. Your ideas get together and become one. In this age of the internet and technology, it’s easier to partner with other people and get opportunities. In this time of a pandemic, you won’t want to get into close contact with other people. It’s always safer to just coordinate online. But thanks to technology’s advancements, you won’t have to worry about not getting the job done. Everything can be accessed through the internet and communicating with your team or colleagues for a big project is a piece of cake.

With this, you and your teammates will deal with many paperless documents, specifically in PDF format. We’ll tell you why PDFs are your best bet in the file format in a bit. But right now, we want to introduce you to an awesome tool to help you with your paperless documents for your project. Interested, well then, keep on reading!

Say “hello!” to GogoPDF!

Paperless documents in PDF format need the best tool to let you make the most out of them. GogoPDF is an online software as a service (or SaaS) tool which allows you to convert PDFs, do PDF merge online, and so much more! What sets apart GogoPDF from other online tools is that they won’t charge you a single penny! Yes, their services are offered for free! You don’t need to make any payments or make an account or subscribe to anything before using their services. Just access their website on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, and you’re good to go! All you need is a good internet connection and you can do conversions or modifications anytime and anywhere. You also don’t have to worry about your files getting into the wrong hands. GogoPDF’s website auto deletes all uploaded files from their server after sixty minutes. So, it keeps all your files safe!

PDFs as paperless documents

So, we’ve just given you a brief introduction to PDFBear. Now, let’s discuss why most (if not all) paperless documents are in PDF format. First, this file type is easier to open or access. Regardless of whether you’re using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can access the file without issues. You don’t need any special apps or software because you can open it directly by clicking or tapping the file. This file type doesn’t change in looks or formatting. So when you open it on any electronic device or print it, it will always look the same. This is also a plus for sharing or sending to others because you won’t hassle them with a funny-looking jumbled up document. Save yourself and your recipient the hassle of having to copy and paste each text or image to a new document. Lastly, PDFs files take up lesser space compared to raw files, so you’ll save a lot of disk space in the long run! Awesome, right!

Some GogoPDF features for your group project

Conversion to PDF

This feature is very useful for your raw files. Whether it’s a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file, GogoPDF allows you to convert them easily to PDF format. We’ve mentioned that raw files have problems with formatting, depending on the device or software you access them on. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files are examples or raw files. So when you’re working with a team, make it easier for them to access files by converting them to PDF first before sending them. It’s also more professional when you don’t hassle your colleagues, team members, supervisor, or boss.

Merge PDF

Working on a big project with a team will mean you’ll deal with several individual PDF files. You’ll be working on different areas of the projects, after all. So, to lessen the hassle when presenting or submitting the project, merge the files with this nifty feature. Your colleague, teammate, or boss will be happy that you spared them the hassle of downloading several individual files. This also makes you more professional.

Protect PDF

Your project is important and you want to protect it from anyone unauthorized. So, this feature comes in handy for protecting your file from unwanted users or distributors. Just give the password to your recipient so that he or she can access the file. No one else gets access from this other than people who have the password. So, your file is kept safe.

Try GogoPDF now!

With GogoPDF, you won’t experience any hassle with your PDF files. Convert and modify your files on-the-go with ease and convenience. It’s truly a great tool for working with other people on projects. Make the most out of your files with the awesome online tool. Try it out for yourself. Good luck with your projects!

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