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WOW Classic Mining Leveling Guide


World of Warcraft Classic is a video game that was, in 2019, developed by Blizzard Entertainment. If you loved the original and couldn’t keep your hands off it, the remake plans to restart that same desire to keep on playing and not let go of our computers. World of Warcraft’s first launch, before the packs took gamers to faraway lands and certainly changed the main game, is one of the most defining moments in PC gaming. You can also buy WoW classic Gold from SSEGold. This has been one of the most played games since it came out last summer.

The company is planning to release more updates when it thinks the gaming world is ready for it, that too, based on the data collected as to how many players have completed whatever the latest game activity is. “We want to make sure that we’re not rushing players through content ever and not obsoleting stuff before it has a chance to breathe,” Hazzikostas said.

Leveling Up

Leveling up in the game is one very had thing that is done through major tactics and such. Reaching the 60th level would take the normal gamer 80-100 hours of gaming or so. And though it will be very difficult, which is exactly why we have a guide here, for you. With the guidance, you will get a lot of help in quests when servers get cramped up with every single gamer online trying to kill the monsters.

More than likely, you have already created the character you are going with because you can’t wait to get to level 60. Although, if you haven’t yet, make it as soon as possible. As, you wouldn’t want to be caught wasting time about this thing later on, choosing what kind of facial hair you want to give them. Also, you should try to log in before the official hour, not right at the moment. You will have ample time to play without it lagging or any sort of disruptions. The company is already making noises about those character transfers becoming available, as they were at the end of first WoW. But point is, creating all the more characters gives you something with which to keep yourself busy. This works best if you have more than one account active, obviously.

Faster Route

If you’re only going to opt for casual PvP, you must make a mental note that the Battlegrounds will be coming in a later point of Classic for all the available servers. Another important thing is the race you choose will be highly influential ahead. If you want to make it to 60 as quickly as possible, you need to go for a less common race, for example, Undead. They will of course, still be popular, but then, each faction only has about four races to choose from. Dungeons may or may not take a while to do. But only because you need to visit one of the capital cities to even get a group. It’s mostly never worth it. Unless you have yourself a handy group.


In order to level up the power, go for Rogue or Mage. Warlock can be good as a pet class. But, key point to remember is that these pets can’t hold the attention of monsters in this one the way they can in the modern game. Plus, they also require more management around the clock. You won’t even get those pets you want for at least a few levels.

Class and the choice you make

It doesn’t matter what class you have chosen, you need to get out of the starting zone. All the players spread out and as their level keeps getting higher, more areas start becoming open to them. Not like the modern World of Warcraft, there is no seller mount in the classic version. You are just left with whatever’s in your bag until you find a vendor to sell to.

Key Points


  • At level 75 you learn to smelt Silver Ore. It will help you get your skill to level 125. Sell the bars at the auction house.
  • At level 155 you learn how to smelt Gold Ore. Buy around 30 Gold Ore then smelt them.
  • At 245, oreos in these ones, Mithril Ore, Truesilver Ore.
  • At 275, you can mine Rich Thorium Vein as well as the rest of them.

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