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Xbox Series X 500 GB storage expansion card spotted on French retailer


Xbox Series X 500 GB storage expansion card

Xbox Squad, a French Xbox news site, says it got expression of another authority extension card coming (as spotted by VGC) and it even shared a picture of a store posting for the new card on French gaming retailer Micromania. The picture records the cost of the 500 GB card as Xbox Series X 500 GB storage expansion card and says its delivery date is set for November 14, 2021.

Those changed over costs are certifiably not a ton not exactly the standard 1TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card, which presently sells for $220/£220 as its standard cost. Notwithstanding, it merits recollecting that producer costs regularly fluctuate a considerable amount between areas even past representing their monetary standards.

More alternatives for capacity development cards is something to be thankful for, on the grounds that right currently they’re the main way you can set aside more space for Xbox Series X games on your control center without expecting to document them on an outside drive. You can play past age Xbox games directly from a standard outer drive on the off chance that you like, however new-gen Xbox games require quicker capacity to work.

Its a well known fact that Cheaper Xbox Storage Expansion Card games are enormous, and the underlying 1TB or 500GB strong state drives top off rapidly on the off chance that you have titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War introduced. The game requires 136 GB on Xbox Series X|S and otherss like Marvel’s Avengers are comparative. To introduce more games, you need to buy a Seagate Storage Expansion Card.

In the event that you introduce Xbox Series X|S Optimized games on a customary outside hard drive, or another outer strong state drive that is promptly accessible available, the control center prompts you to move it to Internal Storage. To keep up with execution, Xbox Series X|S need the speed given by the inherent strong state drive or the Storage Expansion Card.

Advanced downloads are the way most of individuals play their games these days yet the undeniable drawback is that they take up a ton of extra room and assuming you can’t keep all that you need on the SSD, it takes ages to download them.

The arrangement is purchasing a capacity development card, yet the standard 1TB card is an enormous £220 – practically the cost of a Xbox Series S console all alone.

An option is by all accounts coming however, with Seagate arranging a 500GB rendition which is probably going to have a UK cost of around £130.

The new card hasn’t been formally reported at this point yet as indicated by French site Xbox Squad it is being offered to providers for €125.71 before charge, consequently the way that the UK cost is just a gauge.

An inward posting at French retailer Micromania recommends that the card will be delivered on November 14, so a significant way off yet at the same time on schedule for Christmas.

The present moment, there’s only one Xbox Series X 500 GB storage expansion card available that costs $219.99. Nonetheless, that might be going to change. As per a report by, two French retailers — Innelec and Micromania — have postings for a 500GB Seagate model that might cost $149.99. This should give Xbox Series X|S proprietors a somewhat more moderate alternative to expand extra room.

Expecting this 500GB drive is genuine, ideally that implies Microsoft and its accomplices are dealing with greater capacity alternatives as well – you can never have an excessive number of games introduced without a moment’s delay.

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