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26 Million Online Subscriber of Nintendo Account Milestones


Nintendo Annual’s Corporate Management Policy Briefing was held on 16 September 2020. The meeting is devoted to outlining the corporate philosophy and its on-going plan of the company. Also, Nintendo shares fascinating facts at the time of briefing. Some tidbits include the latest milestones for Switch Online Subscribers as well as Nintendo Accounts.  

According to Shuntaro Furukawa ( Nintendo’s president), more than 26 Million Nintendo Account have been created throughout the world. Furthermore, he said, we worked to enhance our IP beyond the platform of video games, to reach those who still don’t own the game system. Additionally, he added in his statement that the outcome shows the substantial consumer increase in creating a Nintendo account because of the Mario Kart Tour mobile application.

Furukawa Notes Number of accounts: 

Shuntaro Furukawa notices the Nintendo account holder that increased steadily with the install base of Nintendo Switch. So the account will become an integral part of the further plan for Nintendo. The initial program of Nintendo Account will continue to offer an essential authority for delivering our IP and products.

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