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3 Jewelry Pieces to Match Your Cuban Link Chain


There’s no need to point out the role of jewelry in modern fashion as it’s already clear how grand it is. Today, it’s hard to imagine how plain and dull all the looks would be without jewelry. It’s able to change the image completely, add the right accents, keep precious memories and make loud statements on the behalf of the wearer. Jewelry has become the essential part of our style, helping to express our identity in an extravagant and elegant way. But to make it effective we need to style the jewelry right by picking and combining our items properly.

Among all the diversity of jewelry types there’s one item that is an absolute must-have in every jewelry box. Chain necklaces are literally the basis of jewelry ensembles, and they frequently denote the whole composition of the image. Chain necklaces are often chosen as the center element of a jewelry set, meaning it’s the item to draw the most attention. Therefore, it’s only natural to carefully consider the choice of your chain necklace and the jewelry to match it with. But there’s one special chain link necklace among all the variety of chain styles the benefits of which we’re going to discuss here, and we’re talking about the Cuban link chain.

The real Cuban link chain has a rather long history. It burst into the world of fashion in the 1970s, when rap and hip-hop culture dictated the trends. Popular mainly in Florida at first, the necklace became famous under the name of Miami Cuban link chain. Its pattern picturing the twisted flat oval entwined links has soon become the signature for statement jewelry and is one of the most distinguishable and famous designs even now. In fact, the trend of using the Cuban link pattern has recently spread on bracelets, rings, other jewelry, accessories and even clothes. For modern fashionista the Cuban link chain necklace is the basic jewelry and the first item to think of to complete the look.

The reasons the chain has deserved such popularity are quite obvious. First, it’s the looks. The chain is not made to be delicate, it’s a statement jewelry meant to be noticeable. The chunky appearance of the Cuban link chain has made it the favorite bling jewelry of rappers providing them the opportunity to show off their wealth. Besides, it’s hard to find better jewelry to cover with diamonds, resulting in the huge demand of iced-out Cuban chains in hip-hop culture circles. Second, the Cuban chain is one of the strongest types of necklaces. It has proven its reliability via providing the solid support for huge weighty pendants so loved among rappers over the decades of its popularity. It’s a necklace made to last a lifetime even if the piece is worn every day. Third, the Cuban link chain is easy to style with different outfits. It can complete the casual look just as easy as it spices the elegant evening gown. This jewelry item is a real lifesaver when you feel that your outfit is missing something. It’s not easy to surpass the style of the Cuban link chain, and there’s no need to try, but the right jewelry combination can reveal the beauty of the ensemble and enhance the glamour of each item involved. Choosing the bracelet to match your Cuban link chain you won’t go wrong if you opt for the same style. The Cuban link chain bracelet creates the perfect duet with the same necklace. This bracelet is sure to highlight the status and exclusive taste of the person wearing it. The shine of the gold Cuban link bracelet will accentuate gestures making your statements more significant and the conversation more productive. A nice high-end Cuban bracelet is also a great pair for the luxury wristwatch, once again highlighting your exquisite taste and sense of style.

Picking a bracelet to match your Cuban link chain you should take into consideration the materials the both jewelry items are made of and their colors. It’s better to pick the same materials and colors for the perfect harmony of the duet, while the difference will most likely ruin the image making the look tacky and cheap. The thickness of the bracelet should also correspond to the width of the chain, unless you wish to experiment on the contrast drawing more attention in this way.

Large pendant is the classic decision and natural partner of the Cuban link chain. It wasn’t destiny, though, that brought them together, but the wisdom and creativity of hip-hop fashion designers. The history of the pendants the rap celebs possessed witnessed the items that were truly unique but frequently displayed the designs that were rather over-the-top. The numbers marking the weight and the diamond carats of such pendants stun the imagination, but it’s the inevitable part of self-expression in hip-hop culture.

Nevertheless, despite your preferences in music a large statement pendant is the piece that is more than welcome to add to your Cuban link chain. Besides, it’s a nice opportunity to express your likes, hobbies or beliefs in a glamorous way. No matter what your passion is, you can find a symbol to represent it and make a pendant out of it. Such jewelry can become a great conversation starter or even help you find your soulmate.

As to the rings that could go well with a Cuban link chain, we have an ideal match for you. The 14K Gold Diamond Miami Cuban Link Chain Ring for Men 1.6ct by Luxurman is the item that’ll change your perception of jewelry. The intricate iced-out ring featuring the Cuban link pattern is the embodiment of chic and glamour. There’s absolutely no chance you’ll find a more suitable ring to match your iced-out white gold Cuban necklace.

You may consider a yellow gold pinky signet ring to match your yellow gold massive Cuban link chain. Both items scream of your love for luxury and identify you as a bold and daring person ready to make important decisions. Massive yellow gold ring for the thumb or index finger is also a great idea, as they represent power and strong will, and are suitable for statement jewelry.

This year the Cuban link chain is once again on top of the trends. Over the past 50 years it has become the iconic classic that makes loud comebacks more often than it makes pauses in its popularity. It’s definitely the chain necklace that should be present in your jewelry collection and, moreover, it’s the piece worth all your other jewelry to be bought to match it.