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3 smart pro tips for better searches and more privacy on YouTube


Here’s a YouTube technique that I discovered and now employ on a regular basis: When you’re attempting to learn something new and getting lost in the steps, open the transcript for the video you’re watching.

Select Transcript from the dropdown menu that appears when you click on the three dots or the more option beneath the video’s title. You have the ability to copy, save, and print it. That was simple, wasn’t it? Downloading the movie should only be done with extreme caution! For a list of ways you can be breaking the law online without even realizing it, tap or click here.

Little pro hints like this make life easier and your gadgets more helpful by increasing their utility. Five more valuable tips that you’ll wish someone had given you sooner may be found by tapping or clicking on the image.

1. Watch live events

Many concerts and events are streamed live on YouTube, and many of these are free. You may see them in real time together with the rest of the world’s population. There are a few of options for accomplishing this:

• After your search query, simply put the word “live” in the search box.

• You may also look through a list of future and ongoing livestream events. On your PC, navigate to and pick Live from the left-hand column.

• Open the YouTube app, tap Explore, then tap Live on a smartphone.

Slow Wi-Fi makes watching videos a drag. Tap or click for a simple swap that could improve your speeds.

2. Keep your search history clean

Incognito mode allows you to surf freely without having to worry about your search history and how it will appear to others. Please keep in mind that your search history will not be hidden from YouTube or its parent company, Google.

To enable this, tap your profile picture or icon and select Turn on Incognito. Do the same to turn it off.

It does not prevent your internet service provider or search engine provider from knowing what you are searching for, but it can be useful in a variety of situations. For six practical reasons to utilize Incognito mode .

3. Narrow your search

YouTube has more than 2 billion monthly viewers and more than 500 hours of new material is uploaded every minute, according to the company. Finding what you’re looking for may be as simple as refining your search down by the date a video was uploaded on YouTube.

Type in the search term(s) for your video, followed by this week or this month, and then hit enter. You may also use the YouTube filters to narrow down your search results:

• Go to on your computer and search for what you’re looking for.

• Upon loading the results, click on the Filters selection box and choose an upload date ranging from the previous hour to this year.

• If you are using a mobile device, press the three-dot symbol, followed by Search filters.