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4 Festive Christmas Traditions Your Family Will Love


When it comes to fun and festive traditions carried out through generations, no other holiday is quite like Christmas. 

Nevertheless, the holiday season can also be an interesting blend of warm, fuzzy feelings and an overwhelming desire to escape to a nearby closet (even if just for five minutes) to hide from the chaos.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of four festive Christmas traditions that will not only ease the stress brought on by the holidays but also guarantee a fun time is had by all while participating. 

1. Read a Holiday Story Over a Warm Fire

You’re probably thinking, “I can already hear the kids complain now,” when the idea of reading Christmas stories over a warm, open fire is brought up. But trust us — you’re more than likely to discover, along with the kids, how this longtime tradition can bring some relaxing, family fun into any modern Christmas setting. 

While at the onset, forcing everyone off their devices or turning off the TV seems more like torture than tradition, five minutes in and you’ll think differently. Indeed, there’s something calming and connecting about disconnecting from technology.