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How to Share a Google Docs File on an iPad


This article explains how the Google Docs iPad software simplifies the process of word processing on an iPad and enables users to share Google Docs files from any location that has access to the internet. Continue reading this text if you wish to acquire the knowledge required to discover how to share a file created in Google Docs on an iPad. So let’s get started:

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How to Share a Google Docs File on an iPad

To make one of the files that you have uploaded to your Google Drive accessible to others so that they can view it:

1. You can open the file that you want to work on by utilising the Google Docs app on your iPad and tapping the thumbnail image of the file (or its name in list view). To share something, you will need to tap the icon that is placed at the very top of the screen.

How to Share a Google Docs File on an iPad

2. Enter the email addresses of the persons or groups with whom you wish to share the document in the field that is labelled “Add people or groups” within the Sharing pane. This field is labelled “Add people or groups.”

How to Share a Google Docs File on an iPad

3. You can grant the appropriate level of rights to the recipients of the shared item by selecting Viewer, Commenter, or Editor from the drop-down menu. Check the box next to Include a message, and then type in any pertinent information that you think the recipients ought to be aware of.

How to Share a Google Docs File on an iPad

4. To send an email, just click the send symbol.

How to Share a Google Docs File on an iPad


Can you send a Google Doc to someone without Gmail?

You don’t need to have a address to have a Google Account. You are able to link a Google Account to any existing email address in your possession. Files can also be shared with users who do not have Google accounts by using the visitor sharing feature.

What happens when you share Google Docs with non-Gmail?

When you try to share files with someone who does not use Gmail, Google Drive will show you a box advising you of this fact. All you need to do to proceed is click the Share anyhow button. The recipients of the email will receive notification that they do not need to sign in to a Google account in order to access the content.

Is it safe to share Google Docs?

Your data is stored in a safe location.

If you use Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides to produce a document and then share it with others, that document will be safely saved in one of Google’s world-class data centres. Both while in transit and while stored, data is encrypted. We will save this information on your device if you opt to access these files in an offline mode.

What are the cons of Google Docs?

The presentation programme in Google Docs is the service’s most notable shortcoming. It is not the most effective programme for making presentations, and in my opinion, it is not even close to being on par with PowerPoint. The presentation programme that is included with Google Docs does not have a selection of different styles or themes, templates, charts or graphs, or slide transitions.