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5 Benefits of Becoming a VIP at an Online Casino


Casinos have long rewarded their biggest spending and most loyal patrons. From free hotel rooms and prepaid credit cards to Broadway show tickets and a la carte meals, high rollers at traditional casinos are often treated like royalty. Of course, the rise and rise of the online casino over the last 20 years has transformed many things about the industry, but the treatment of VIPs has remained the same.

While every casino operator will offer different benefits and rewards when becoming a VIP at their site, they invariably enjoy a better user experience and far more perks and privileges than the average Joe. For the sake of simplicity, we’re putting one particular VIP scheme – VIP Bombay Club – under the microscope to understand more about how and why someone might wish to join.


Unlike some other casinos, there’s no opportunity to apply to join the Bombay Club VIP program. Instead, those who qualify through their consistently high depositing and wagering habits are informed by email that they are being ushered into the inner sanctum of the site. This confers on those lucky few an unrivalled sense of prestige and exclusivity, since only a select handful of punters are deemed worthy enough.

Bigger jackpots

Because the site’s operators know that its VIPs are used to handling enormous sums of money on a daily basis, they have raised the maximum ceiling for bets for this select group of people. With an upper limit of €50,000, it’s never been easy to win a fortune with just a single roll of the dice or turn of the cards. And since the club boasts a variety of different language options, it’s a truly international elite experience.


Every casino operator knows that the key to attracting new customers and retaining existing ones is through the use of promotions, bonuses and offers. When you become a VIP, the value attached to these perks skyrockets. At Bombay Club, for example, VIPs can expect to enjoy lucrative cashback offers, a multitude of free spins and a chance to win prizes worth €900,000 in total. There are plenty of other giveaways, too, including raffles and rebates.

Customer service

High rollers deserve only the finest in customer service, which is why Bombay Club assigns a dedicated VIP manager to each and every individual on their exclusive books. This manager is available to answer all queries and provide any assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are specifically tasked with going above and beyond to surpass their VIP’s expectations. Now that’s customer service worth writing home about.

Real-life events

As well as being treated like royalty in cyberspace, Bombay Club VIPs will also gain access to the most exclusive events and experiences. From touring the world in a luxury yacht to attending the year’s biggest sporting events (including the Champions League final) to staying in the most prestigious five-star resorts, there’s nothing quite like a VIP membership to open doors that are locked to everyone else. Go on, live the high life – you’ve earned it.

It’s clear enough that becoming a Bombay Club VIP is a desirable goal – but are you equipped to achieve it?