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How To Farm Neutral Element in Destiny 2


In order to construct a weapon in Destiny 2, players will need thousands of Neutral Element, which is one of the several crafting ingredients included by The Witch Queen addition. You will need a significant amount of this resource in order to customise everything from your barrel to your core perks, which is why you should try to hoard as much Neutral Element as you possibly can.

To our good fortune, this is the most prevalent substance used in crafting throughout the game. You may easily accumulate thousands of Neutral Element in a short amount of time if you focus on levelling up your weapons and harvesting materials from your Resonance gear. This guide will cover every source of the Neutral Element, including the finest farm for gathering this resource, and it will also provide a brief overview of the top Resonance weapon sources the game has to offer.

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How To Farm Neutral Element in Destiny 2

Neutral Element Sources

How To Farm Neutral Element in Destiny 2

At this time, there are just three places in Destiny 2 where you can obtain Neutral Element:

How To Farm Neutral Element in Destiny 2

Every time you level up a crafted weapon, you will receive 15 additional Neutral Element. Since there does not appear to be a maximum level for weapons, you can gather from this source as much as you like.

When a Resonance or “red box” weapon is levelled up to the point where it may extract crafting materials from one of its perks, this process is referred to as “Resonance Extraction.” Although you can only perform this a single time for each Resonance weapon, the amount of Neutral Element you will obtain is far higher than that of manufactured weapons. When you extract any element, you will also receive 200 of that element’s neutral counterpart. If you choose to extract nothing but neutral elements, rather than the other elements, you will come away with 300 neutral elements. If you already have a sufficient number of Resonance weapons, it’s not a terrible idea to start a kill farm in order to level up as many Resonance weapons as you can.

The Fastest Neutral Element Farm

How To Farm Neutral Element in Destiny 2

The Last Wish encounter with Shuro Chi offers the finest opportunity to farm neutral elements, specifically through levelling resonance or “red box” weapons. There is a sliver of a possibility that each Legendary weapon in Destiny 2 will instead drop as a Resonance weapon. If this happens, you will be able to salvage manufacturing ingredients from the gun. In order to make the most of this tactic, you should acquire as many resonance weapons as is practically possible and then level them all at the same time.

We strongly encourage you to participate in Shuro Chi raids because, in comparison to other activities, they grant twice as much Resonance advancement per kill. Since each kill awards 1% advancement, it should only take one run to reach the maximum level for a given weapon. Repeat this process until you reach the maximum level or run out of weapons, whichever comes first. Level up a weapon, then extract the Neutral Element you require. This checkpoint will remain in place until the subsequent weekly reset takes place.


How to farm neutral items in Destiny 2?

The battle with Shuro Chi in Last Wish is the finest place to farm neutral components because it allows you to level up Resonance or “Red Box” weaponry. You have a minuscule chance of finding any legendary weapon in Destiny 2 as a resonance weapon, which will allow you to salvage crafting components from the weapon. This likelihood is really low, however.

Can you buy Neutral Element Destiny 2?

How to obtain a neutral element in the Witch Queen role in Destiny 2. At this time, obtaining Neutral Element using Deepsight Resonance is the most effective method. Any weapon in your inventory that has a symbol with a red border can be used.

Where can I find neutral element?

It is impossible for Deepsight Resonant weaponry to fail to drop at least one Neutral Element. You can start receiving weapons with Deepsight Resonance after gaining entry to the Enclave early on in The Witch Queen. These weapons are denoted by a crimson icon surrounding the icon in your inventory.