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5 Best Sites for Buying Instagram Story Poll Votes


When you post a poll on Instagram, the goal is to get as many votes as possible before that poll expires. Most of the time, these polls are used to get engagement, but without poll voting it makes it harder to get people to see you and give you those Instagram votes you need to be successful.

A great way to boost the poll and get it seen by more people for engagement purposes is poll votes instagram Increase.

There are some great companies out there that will allow you to purchase Instagram poll votes in a way that works well for your Insta needs. If you need them fast, check out these top sites to buy Instagram story poll votes from.

Why You Need Instagram Poll Votes

Everything about Instagram always relates back to engagement. To be more visible, you need quality content posted in a variety of ways. You need people to engage and interact, which means poll votes are essential. The more story poll engagement you get, the more people will see your poll and engage with you to boost that pool.

The benefit is you increase overall authentic engagement and visibility and improve your status with the Instagram algorithm at the same time.

Marketing services where you can purchase votes are great for boosting engagement, encouraging organic growth, and enhancing your organic reach. It’s a win-win as long as you choose high-quality marketing services.

The Top Choices to Buy Instagram Poll Votes

Before you dash to the computer and buy Instagram poll votes, there are some details you will want to consider. It’s important to look for services that provide you with quality poll votes.

You need more than just a number here. Your Instagram story poll engagement should come from real users every time and ideally, they should be delivered within a few hours.

Check out these top companies to consider for your Instagram story poll votes.

1. SocialsGrow

If you look for one of the best possible choices to increase Instagram poll votes, SocialsGrow is our top choice. They are familiar with all social media platforms and do a great job whether you’re buying poll votes for your Instagram account or you’re looking for other social media platform tools. They have a wide variety of packages and your Instagram stories will be boosted up in no time!

This company will never give you fake Instagram engagement. The Instagram story polls will get authentic votes every single time. They provide only high-quality services for social media marketing and even offer a money back guarantee.

With an approach geared towards your target audience, you can also buy story views and more to help improve your real media outlook.

There are plenty of security measures in place to keep you protected. Delivery typically begins immediately after the payment process is complete. One thing that sets them apart is the use of active accounts to vote on your Instagram polls.

If you choose to buy Instagram poll votes from this company, you will choose the number of Instagram story polls you want from their packages. The packages start at 100 Instagram story poll votes for just over $2. You may buy story poll votes in packages up to 10,000 at one time.

Your Instagram polls will be booming with activity and their prices are incredibly competitive. Buy poll votes here knowing you are getting effective and reliable services from a trustworthy company.

All the votes are delivered within 24 hours, even with the biggest marketing campaign of 10,000. And they are all active Instagram users every single time. If something goes wrong, these social media marketers have a money back guarantee.

2. BuyTopLikes

Next up on the best sites to buy Instagram story poll votes is BuyTopLikes. They are another great choice to get the story poll votes that you need. The packages are affordable and the engagement will all come from real users so you get no fake votes in the mix.

This social media marketing company makes buying votes a breeze. If you prefer instant delivery, you will certainly find that here. You can even remain anonymous and buy Instagram story poll votes for other users you want to support.

As one of the top sites to buy engagement, the process is safe and secure. You can find tons of valuable feedback on their site that reinforces these details.

The engagement will come from active users on real accounts every single time. They understand the need for real media interaction and they do their best to provide you with that when you make a purchase.

The prices here Instagram story and Instagram polls is cheap and affordable. You can definitely find a package that fits your budget and your needs. Packages start at less than $2 and you can opt for up to 10,000 Instagram story poll votes if you want a huge amount.

Delivery always starts with Instagram story poll votes beginning in as little as 5 minutes. Even with the largest package of Instagram story poll voting, delivery is complete in about 18 hours.

Avoid fake votes and increase your story poll interaction easily here. Just choose the package that you like, provide the company with your Instagram poll, and then wait for real users to add their vote. They also back up their services with a guarantee.

3. Buy Real Media

Another of the best sites for story poll votes is Buy Real Media. There is no need to worry about bot accounts and they provide you with a refund guarantee as well. They promise satisfaction and delivery within a certain timeframe. This is a smaller company, but they have some quality feedback that looks great.

Get reliable service you can depend on here. Their process is simple. You choose the type of votes that you need, select your package up to 25,000 total and then supply the applicable username for the votes to be delivered to. You give them the link, they take care of the rest!

4. Get Follower

The setup of Get Follower is very similar to Buy Real Media. They have a dropdown box where you narrow down your options and choose how many votes you want on your poll. They respond to normal, slider, and quiz polls so you can get responses on whatever type of poll you choose to post.

This company also offers up to 25,000 votes, which is an astronomical number. They have experience working will all types of social media and provide targeted services so you know that the votes are coming from an audience that works for you. You can get a refund if something goes wrong and they have excellent customer support available.

This company stands on using a personal touch to cater to your needs.

5. GTR Socials

Finally, check out GTR Socials for your media needs. They work with several different platforms and even have a chat function in case you need additional assistance. Their site is straightforward.

You just choose the service you want, select the number of votes you’re purchasing, provide your link, and finish the checkout process. You can even choose which option you want them to vote for on the poll, which is a unique selection.

The company has a set price per 1,000 votes so there is no confusion over total costs. You can purchase anywhere from 100 to 50,000, giving you a wide range to meet your needs.

Votes are cheap and the company has been in business for more than 6 years now so they must be doing something right.


Will Paid Votes Increase Engagement?

Yes! Every type of interaction, whether it’s a view, a heart, or a vote is going to improve the engagement numbers for your IG. Not only will engagement increase, but your poll will get more visibility as well.

Will Purchasing Votes Harm My Account?

As long as you choose a quality provider, you have nothing to worry about. You certainly want to avoid any company that will use bots or fake accounts as this could negatively affect you or even get you banned. With real and authentic voters, there are endless benefits and no harm done.

Is This Service Legal?

There are no laws or rules against purchasing voting. There are rules against fake accounts and bots, which is why it is so important to make sure you don’t have any of these when you make your purchase.

How Quickly Can Voting Be Delivered?

This will depend on the company and their services. Typically, delivery will begin within just a few minutes of your purchase. In most cases, delivery is complete within 24 hours and often much sooner. Always check the company’s details to know for sure.

How Can I Find the Best Price and How Much Will This Cost?

It’s always a good idea to compare details to choose the company that will work for you. Sometimes, it’s worth paying a few cents more per vote just to ensure you are getting reliable service.

You will find that most companies are comparable in pricing so choose your options based on the package and the company that best meets your needs.

Are There Options for Refunds?

Never purchase from a company that doesn’t offer a refund or satisfaction guarantee. While they will have restrictions on what qualifies for a refund, they should stand behind their product and clearly outline when a refund will be granted. Always check for these guarantees before you complete your purchase.

The Final Verdict: The Best Site To Buy IG Voting

If you’re looking for the best of the best, we highly recommend SocialsGrow as the top choice to make your purchase and get more votes to your Instagram polls. All of the companies we have shared here are great companies, but SocialsGrow stands out in quality, delivery, and pricing.

When you need a solution you can trust, check out their services. And if you feel as though one of these other companies are a better fit, well that’s certainly ok too.

It’s time to boost your engagement! Try buying poll voting today.