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Final Fantasy 16: How to Get Stained Loincloth


As expected, the latest Final Fantasy game has a growth system based on new gear and talents. Blackthorne in Cid’s Hideaway offers Final Fantasy 16’s extensive crafting system. You must gather resources in Blackthorne to use its equipment. The Stained Loincloth is one of the rarer ones. The Stained Loincloth, which drops from a single Notorious mark, is needed to make the base game’s strongest vambraces. This article explains how to get a Stained Loinclot in Final Fantasy XVI:

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Where to Get Stained Loincloth in Final Fantasy XVI

In Final Fantasy 16, you have to beat the Pandemonium Notorious Mark to earn the Stained Loincloth. Besides a brief reference to Waloed, the Hunt Board provides almost no context for locating the mark. The graphic above depicts the precise position, which lies near the southern entrance to the Kingdom of Waloed, at the castle gates in Skaithfarr.

Final Fantasy XVI: How to Get Stained Loinclot

We suggest speeding your way to the Obelisk of the Shadow Coast. The route then turns north and leads into Skaithfarr. Once you reach the village, head to the east until you reach a clearing. As one of the game’s more challenging Notorious Marks, Pandemonium requires a high level Clive, an abundance of healing potions, and well-spent ability points.

Final Fantasy XVI: How to Get Stained Loinclot

After defeating Pandemonium, you will receive Final Fantasy 16 Stained Loincloth, which may be used at The Black Hammer in The Hideaway to create vambraces for The Sons of Ouroboros.

Final Fantasy XVI: How to Get Stained Loinclot

How To Use The Stained Loincloth

The Sons of Ouroboros Vambraces are the only known item made from the Stained Loincloth. It’s embarrassing to wear the undergarments of an Orc King, but at 32 Health and 92 Armor, you might have to get over your disgust. The Sons of Ouroboros Vambraces require the following items in order to be crafted:

  • 1 Orichalcum
  • 1 Stained Loincloth
  • 1 Morbol Flower from Hunt Mark Carrot

To obtain this potent end-game suit of armor, travel to Blackthorne in Cid’s Hideaway and try not to dwell on it too much.


What is the best weapon in FF16?

The Ultima Weapon is Final Fantasy 16’s top blade. Unfortunately, you can only get it by playing the game in New Game Plus. Its attack and stagger of 700 are far superior to those of any ordinary weapon.

How many hunts are there in ff16?

In Final Fantasy 16, there are a total of 32 Hunts to complete in order to get the ‘Hunter, Hunted’ Trophy for killing all of the Hunt’s Notorious Marks. The best gear in the game requires a lot of crafting resources, which these creatures drop.

What level should I be to beat FF16?

Players should be about level 90 before taking on the Ultima boss in Final Fantasy 16’s Final Fantasy Mode for the easiest possible outcome. You don’t have to level up to 100 to confront the last boss; a player at level 91 should be OK.

What is the hardest hunt in Final Fantasy 16?

Because of its extreme difficulty, Final Fantasy XV’s Behemoth King Notorious Mark is the game’s final one to be unlocked. He can be fought for the first time during the game’s second-to-last main mission, “Back to Their Origin,” and it’s a devastating, frustrating challenge.

Who is the final boss in FF16?

You’ll be facing off against Ultimalius for the last time in this game. However, there are actually three stages he must complete.